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for Tracer Steven's Underdog of Evil

1/10/2009 c1 Guest
looks like ur the one not replying on global now, unless u have me on ignore you freaking wimp. what the hell did i ever do to you? i helped you with a personal a bit, i was nice to u and then you turn on me? for what reason? cuz i bought my account? oh thats a good reason lol, you were the one who started to make fun of me behind my back and in front of me as well. i didnt even do anything to you.

lol ah well, thats life:p your just a back stabber, so heres what i think of u, ur an unemployed idiot who cant even get a job, you cheat by having multiple accounts, lol and man ur stories r really boring, so anyways, as much as i feel bad for someone like you being a dick, who i thought was a good guy in the past, thats life. hopefully your pathetic life will improve in the future
1/6/2009 c1 R Corp
I rather read the obituaries than this shit.

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