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for Death: A Tale of Death or Dying

9/2/2003 c1 2Niniel
What you write is only so true, Thanks for taking the time to put into words what others could not! It means a lot!
9/2/2003 c1 6erb.photo
I don'[t agree totally with all of your views on life, but your writing is so awesome. There were some random bits put in there but I totally forgot the specifics on them because the rest of your essay was so good. I love how you so openly expressed your thoughts. It was very passionate and I love that. I also admire how you used those quotes-they were an excellent support.

Be proud of yourself for a very splendid job well done.
8/31/2003 c1 126lili brik
Probably not something I should be reading at this point in time, because i agree with too strongly...if that makes any sense. WHy must we cling to life so fiercely...so hard to let go...
8/31/2003 c1 16Cryptonym
Intresting. I couldn't agree with it more. I've always seen death as the way you've described it in this piece, if not most of it at least. I'd say you did a great job with writing this.

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