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for Lost

9/12/2007 c1 12Amarant Rose Coral
a poem of sorrow? or maybe shock? great poem I liked it:D
3/17/2004 c1 7ku
i understand this concept. with proper skepticism, impartiality, etc, a process of finding truth will eventually lead to nihilism - a realizati0n that there is no truth. humans have invented two influencial systems to combat anti-realism: religion and mathematics.
2/20/2004 c1 88breakme
Thanks for the nice review. =)
I read a few of your poems. This one is really great. Keep up the good work!
1/30/2004 c1 54ByFireAndMoonlight
Wow, very good! Gahh! you'r so good, it makes me feel horrable, and I am! Gahh! keep up the good work!
9/13/2003 c1 7GiftedbyAnger
Hey, great poem! Keep writing, don't let that talent go to waste!

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