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5/26/2004 c4 sweetie
:P plz update soon
5/24/2004 c4 87EchoesOfReason
Sorry for the late review, comps being REALLY fugly recently but I DID love this chapter. T'was QUITE interesting and captivating and now I'm out of creativity to reivew =S damn...Can't wait till summer then I can post BOTH chapters of Traces that I have written out. Okay back to your story. Loved it, loved it, loved it lol! This new guy eh, puts quite the kink in their plans eh, can't wait for the turn out! Take care, great job, and good luck!
5/24/2004 c4 5Chelsea Plum
I like Brett...lol..j/m. I'm in homeroom...and we just finished our typing contest...lol. I won! I won!... ::coughs:: yea!
I liked the update...it was a little SHORT...but o well...Atleast you posted something...
Anyway Brett seems like a
"bad" person...but i know you have somethings up your sleeve! MWHAHAHA!...
Ok way too much sugar...I'm gonna leave before i start singing in Portugese...
Love ya!
P.S.-Update soon!
4/30/2004 c3 sweetie
well sounds interesting. update soon!
4/21/2004 c3 87EchoesOfReason
Aw Skye, such a cute name his is! And Jeremy...grr I'm going to punch him...can I? HUH? PLEASE! Fine *pouts* I liked the chapter, sorry about the late review, my computer again, you know how it goes. I'll be checking out your other chapter soon hopefully! Keep rocking. Take care, great job, and good luck! *Did you think that i was gonna give it up to you...(you know the rest)*
4/19/2004 c3 5Chelsea Plum
Wow! You updated! lol...I don't like Jeremy...dunno what Liz is doing with him anyway...if i were her...I'd have broken up with him the second he got controling...guys are pigs...and in the end...it doesnt even matter...it's just sex...yea..don't ask lol...
Love is said to be painful
& I've had my share of pain...
Chelsea-* xoxo
1/26/2004 c2 54Werecat99
So far it's good. I'd like to see more of it.
A note: Using expressions like "Cya later" might feel modern, but they usually deduct points from one's credability as an author. I'd suggest to avoid them.
12/18/2003 c2 1Emelie Baskin
hey! nice story. i like! keep writing and update soon!
11/17/2003 c2 5aiur
awz cool how you can write from a girl's POV very well =P read and review my story "protector" plz and UPDATE

11/17/2003 c2 5Chelsea Plum
OOH! I'M A LOYAL REVIEWER? ::bounces around:: NIFTY! this is quite interesting...lol yep..interesting..and did i ever tell y outhat i like the name Brett?...lol ill cya later i've got to get to class...Update soon!

Chelsea..The Plummer
11/16/2003 c2 20Xi
woah girl... totally forgot about this story... *.*

it's cute though... *eyebrow raise* haha. keep it goin.

11/16/2003 c2 87EchoesOfReason
-gasp- Pushy! Pushy! oh, I want to punch him now! -growls- okay okay I'm done now.

Good chappie! I love it. Good start to the story. The prologue didn't do the plot line justice but you're nailing it now. I like it!

I'm a loyal reviewer? When did THAT happen! lol. Okay I'll step up to the roll! hehehe. Good Luck with this story.


Love always,


-PunxRokrChix RULEZ-

*yes i'm hyper*
10/12/2003 c1 EchoesOfReason
In the words of Mickey D's: I'm Lovin' it! lmao.

Great prologue. Interesting actually, I like it tho. It says a lot and kinda foreshadows the story a little. Since you told me about it I decided to read it and now, now I'm waiting for the update so HURRY! lol. Okay I'll shut up now...HURRY! :|being quiet now. I'll leave you to finish the chapter...ciao!

Love always,


*ooh candy!
9/3/2003 c1 MandaZ
hm skye... what are you getting at this time?
9/3/2003 c1 5Chelsea Plum
I'M YOUR FIRST REVIEWER! I'M YOUR FIRST REVIEWER!I'M YOUR FIRST REVIEWER! exciting! Diggin' the story! update soon! and i love the title! lol Cya at VHS!

-The Plumster!

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