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12/7/2004 c1 7SeraphicSilhouette
thats absolutely beautiful...i love it. my grandma died almost a year ago, and it was just her birthday the other day, so i understand exactly where you're coming from. keep up the good work, and stay strong for your nanna. im sure she's looking down on you and smiling.
11/25/2004 c1 32Angel-Angel
Thats the most beautiful, amazing poem i have read in a long time... I wasn't prepared for crying, and i did... Your feelings of grief tugged heavy on my heart strings as they scream out from your words... Truely heartfelt x
10/15/2003 c1 18Brentdechef
hey mate this is a really good poem, i no how close u were to ur nana, and i felt and shared ur sorrow when she was taken. but i can say now that she would be so happy to read this poem and although i never new her i no she would av been proud, ur doing well. puck up, im there for u
9/13/2003 c1 3Ruby-servantof-eli
*wipes away tears*

Does that tell you enough?
9/4/2003 c1 612simpleplan13
aww very said I know how it feels...excellent poem!
9/3/2003 c1 47The intellect
i think this is beautiful. i think youve reli captured the emptiness of your heart now that shes gone :(

i think youve conveyed a brilliant poem from your feelings... well done, its very tricky to do



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