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11/2/2003 c5 6Strider Hunter
Damn, Willum. Could you possibly make things any worse for our heroes? Actually, don't answer that...

I wonder if the Lady is in league with the clones; she doesn't seem to be, but a twist could be right around the corner. In any case, many more twists are sure to come. Excellent job, Willum.
11/2/2003 c4 Strider Hunter
Willum, you've done it again. You have a knack for making things come full circle. How will Bill react to the most powerful enemy he's ever faced? What could he be feeling right now, I wonder?
10/20/2003 c5 unclepauly
Alright! This chapter was even better than the one that preceded it (especially since it held more shock returns and another cliffhanger).

Me thinks the Bartholomew gang are going to causing a lot of trouble.
10/19/2003 c5 4Vespertilionid
Another great chapter. I like how they finished each other's thoughts.
10/18/2003 c4 Vespertilionid
I love . . . absolutely love when reviewers ruin chapter plot twists with their reviews . . . thank you very much.
10/13/2003 c4 unclepauly
"“Miss me?” asked Christine."

*Paul picks his jaw up from the floor.
10/9/2003 c4 24greenzzz
Love it! Pls do continue...thanks for updating! *smiles*

10/8/2003 c4 320578028ut5
She's alive!
9/20/2003 c3 6Strider Hunter
Poor Bill...still has to put up with people while trying to save their lives.

Great storytelling as usual, not much else to say. Onward please.
9/20/2003 c2 Strider Hunter
What the...? Are you hinting at the possible return of a certain...nah, couldn't be.

It's good to see that Roy is still powerful as hell, though.
9/19/2003 c3 unclepauly
*Bites deep and drinks greedily of yet another chapter of THE greatest story on fictionpress*
9/16/2003 c2 I am Gone
This is wonderful I am very intersted to see you continue this story.
9/12/2003 c2 unclepauly
God, it's hard not to seem too fanboyish about this series. So I'll drop all pretence of not being hugely happy about the start of this new series. Excellent, thrilling and captivating. And it looks like we could be encountering a new "big bad" (I'd prefer that to inferior Bartholemew clones) in the shape of that thing at the bottom of the lift shaft.

This is all the more fortuitous as I only gained access to fictionpress a week ago, after 3 months in the wilderness.

Keep at it man!
9/3/2003 c1 320578028ut5
Yeah the next series.

Update soon.
9/3/2003 c1 Strider Hunter
All right, here we go!

I'm very excited about this new series beginning, Willum, but you probably already knew that. This new search for halflings, fighting clones, big explosions everywhere...all of it promises strange new plot twists, I'm sure of it. (Hail to the Striders!)

Bill's Excellent Adventure continues, and rightfully so.
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