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1/31/2005 c1 Blooming Darkness
i like this. the imagery is great, and the feelings that flow through this are exhileratingly colorful. i enjoyed reading this poem, and hopefully i'll get to the others. if you have time, could you read some of my poetry? i'd love to know what you think of it...you seem like the write poet to ask for advice.

-blooming darkness
2/16/2004 c1 3hamsta-boi
Hi, i liked this poem, as to do i like your stuff..poems anyway, havent really found time to read anything else.
Anyway, i totally agree with you about the pointless sci-fi fics. I hope mine is different, but so far im not beleiving you think so. Seen as though you said you would get around to reading more, and well haven't, im a little dispointed.
10/7/2003 c1 7Alseid
lovely rhythem. i loved this poem... just... terrifico. gave me a reaction of: moving light really fast and hues of gray and blue and green turning in strange angles, through a keyhole, turned with a lock, kept "captive" in a person.

Alseid again
9/5/2003 c1 C.J. Tan
Fascinating. I updated a few stories, may be you might want to drop by. ^_^
9/4/2003 c1 ZealWarrior
What is it with you and coming up with such fantastic poetry? This is far more professional than works I've written at nineteen or others have written at older ages. I can't believe the sheer beauty of some lines, particularly the last stanza. That was quite amazing. I really hope to read more of your poetry, especially the ones about other planets in our solar system. PLEASE WRITE MORE!
9/3/2003 c1 ForgottenMists still at the library
Interestings. The last lines of the verses are interesting, because they are confoosing. Anyway, I like.

BTW, I reviewed FLoB with a reply to your review, so go read that.

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