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6/30/2004 c1 30Fuu Hououji1
This is the little stanza that you had written down on some random piece of paper, isn't it?
I still think that it's great.
You should comission a picture to go with it.
5/3/2004 c1 2Aikawarazu Ai
aah... truly beuatiful ^_^
9/8/2003 c1 35Mime
Short 'n sweet! ^.^

Awesome poem, keep writng!

Also, a couple of FP poets and myself have gathered to organize a search for FP writer Princess Mulan, who seems to have disappeared sometime this past May. We are writing and auctioning poems towards the search. With the auctioned money, we hope to hire a private investigator. To read more about the search, you can visit: Http:/w.helpfindprincessmulan.0catch.com. Your help will be greatly appreciated!
9/3/2003 c1 105William Ironclad
Short, but nice.


The Great, the Mighty, the Orc King

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