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for Lost

9/25/2003 c1 7Irish Rhapsody
Aww how touching. I feel that way too about former relationships. Very nice, yet very moving. I like it. ^^

9/6/2003 c1 3aquamirage
good work, keep it up!
9/4/2003 c1 9EmeraldEyes89
Well done my friend! Yes I know...I have read this so many times that I know it by heart...lol...Probably cuz I was the first one to read this poem.lol buut anywho..Awesome! Do keep writing..and no we are not writing about our feet and socks..heh...I am probably the only one on fictionpress.com, other than you, that knows what that means..lol...but then again it is the inside joke for me so of course I know what it means! so yeah..Great Poem!

Love ya




PS: Itty-it cant read my signature for notes...lol...even you can do that

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