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3/3/2022 c30 Guest
haha I loved the ending- subtle break of the 4th wall and all
10/24/2020 c22 Indigo
See, this is why Tristan would make a better boyfriend. He actually respects Sam's choices, listens to her, is willing to just be friends if she doesn't want to date him, and wouldn't ignore her when she said to stop.

Vincent, on the other hand, has violent tendencies and an unpredictable, explosive temper. He tries to distract Sam when she tells him to stop. He waves red abuse flags quite frequently.

There's still 8 chapters left. I'm hopeful that she won't end up dating Vincent.
10/23/2020 c18 Indigo
Yeah, she's scared because you were waving red abuse flags at her, genius. Which actually is a very reasonable reason to be afraid, especially since she's already an abuse victim. Whadda ya know.

Yes, I was writing to one of your characters.
10/23/2020 c17 Indigo
Tristan would definitely make a better boyfriend than Vince. I have declared my verdict.
10/23/2020 c17 Indigo
It is official. I despise Frank Westlane even more than Mr. Collins. Ugh.
10/23/2020 c16 Indigo
...Remind me why Sam likes Vince? He seems like he's probably an abusive jerk. Please tell me she ends up with Will or Tristan. Or, like, anyone who isn't abusive in any way.
10/23/2020 c15 Indigo
Did you really revert to the overdone chaste good girl, bad girl villainized for being in control of her sexuality thing? Wouldn't it make more sense for Victoria's act if she wore something that looked great but wasn't red-with-slits? And does Dani really think that way? Women actually aren't born manipulators, as a general thing. I'm glad you had Sam question that. The positive female relationships are also great; that's something lacking in a lot of media, and it's something we need more of. So thank you for that.
10/23/2020 c11 Indigo
Um, why was Carrie acting like her liking girls would be a bad thing? I'm guessing you don't want to say that lesbians are bad, so you might want to change how the narrative treats that. Just a small quibble from your friendly neighborhood anonymous critical thinker!

10/23/2020 c2 Indigo
That last scene. Just. Hilarious.
4/20/2019 c30 21RainbowPearls
can't believe i'm done reading this so soon. I seriously have no bounds on my joys for reading this marvelous, amazing, wonderful, real awesome story after a long time. And I really appreciate your efforts for re-posting this story even though it got plagiarized so many time (as you said so). Thanks so much for letting us read this wonderful story. :D Vincent was my favorite character all throughout and I enjoyed a lot about Will’s jokes and stuff. Sammy was one sweetie. Hell, my own nick name is Sam, really XD I really enjoyed this story, trust me :D I wanted to ask you something. Please reply on PM! :D
Till then, wonderful job and I wish you best of luck for all your wonderful works coming up. Cheers :D
4/19/2019 c2 RainbowPearls
AWESOME STORY! I really love this and I'm sure I'm gonna complete reading this ;)
12/28/2018 c30 awesome
yes please tristan he deserves to be happy omfg
12/28/2018 c28 great
beautiful havent cried in so long
9/28/2018 c1 ppp
Yey. Its the whole story, not just some of it with nearly all of it removed because I came to late. Hope its good, looking forward to reading it.
5/21/2018 c30 Lilly
Adore this story! It was really cute and fun ! I remember ironically having read at the time a girl promoting a very similar story as if it were an Ouran high fic ... :c she was shameless
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