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for Letting You Go

11/5/2003 c1 72Magnificent Moi
Beautiful as usual. Written passionately. Love the repetition of 'whole and healed'.

9/11/2003 c1 21NatashaRostof
Oh...I love this so much...it's absolutely gorgeous, Norah, you *must* know how incredibly talanted you are...

[without gouges; clot the bleeding - stop

the bleeding

the bleeding

the bleeding]

I adore (adore, adore, adore) repetition, and this is BRILLIANT repetition. And the end, too...

Oh my GOSH you are so BRILLIANT.

...*Can't think of anything else to say - that phrase basically sums it up*
9/9/2003 c1 8Shush Don't
That was wonderful. I'm in awe... maybe even a little jealous. Keep up the great work!
9/6/2003 c1 China-Nic
[Oh it was just a fantasy formed from glitter and a heart too trusting

A heart manipulated]

I hope you do heal, love. I hope I can help. This frozen depth you feel, it's just a passing thing. Let me touch your scars.

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