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for Raindrops in Summer

5/15/2004 c1 13Saxifrage
im sorry, but i love the rain. its still a wonderful tear-tugging poem, though. and i love it.
your biggest fan,
1/17/2004 c1 Love and Destroy
I really like it! It's really good! It's sad and poetic! Sunrise
1/4/2004 c1 123loz
perfect imagery.repetition very cleverly used. Ace.anf loz.
1/2/2004 c1 sketchmedesire
omg! that was beautiful! the repatation of the beginning phrase at the end realli got me there! it was realli beautiful! fantastique! my favies listie again u goi!
1/2/2004 c1 185Grim-reaper-Zakku
really nice.. i like it alot, as any of ur other poems I have read =) Keep up the nice work ^^
12/30/2003 c1 91unwritten
i liked it, and how you repeated yourself at the end. it reminds me of a couple of poems i've written (check them aout it you like). anyway, thanks for reviewing my poem (days of green)!
9/7/2003 c1 68Seraphim of the Dark Moon
Good poem, flows well, a little rugged in the way the tears connect with the rain drops, but it doesn't take away from the point you are trying to get across. It spins down nicely, good conclusion. Keep writing, blessings.

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