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4/3/2004 c22 2chocolate wings
hey aafke soy yo! oye esto vabien! sigue! pero me ayudas? postee ya mi historia, aunque esta un poco corta pero nah si no tiene reviews la reescribo mas larga jaja pero PODRIAS PONER UN REVIEW PLEASE
3/14/2004 c10 Olena
Hey. Yeah, I'm still reading it when I have time, sorry it's taking forever. *sigh* Cool fic, Tadec is cute.
2/3/2004 c6 Olena
Hey, just lettin ya know that I'm still reading this and I like it so far. Quinten is hot! WOOT! And Kalen seems nice...hm...wonder if they'll end up together. Sorry it's taking me a while, I've been killing myself over this new pic of mine *growls* See ya!
1/31/2004 c2 Olena
Hey, well here I am reading your fic^^ It's good so far, could use more description, but hey, we all could, right? See ya when I get to the last part. Ja!
1/25/2004 c20 Pablisenko
aafke, te quiero felicitar por q tu kuento esta super rocker. Sigue asi!
1/15/2004 c20 17Lady of romance world88
Interesting, Sakit and Lock were talk abou weapons. Where is Quinten? What happened to him? Tadec is angel? WOW! Kalen and Karabor were along in friendship. The poision in Quinten, that mean he will die?Is there any cure for him? I'm gladly Sores and Sjoers found him.I'm gladly Kalen and Sjoers will fight for Quinten and will save his life!Hurry update soon!
1/9/2004 c19 Lady of romance world88
Oh no, please don't let Quinten died. I can't believe Sjoers don't care about hom and went vanishing like that! I can't believe Sjoers is so jealous of Quinten but it's not his fault.Just happening like that! I hope Torbor will save him. I can't believe two guys fallen love with same girl. Don't let Sjoers win Kalen. Just let Kalen choose who she really like. I hope it might be Quinten!PLease!Hurry update son!I'll support you!
12/16/2003 c18 mkitty chan
aafke avanzale! ya quiero leer la otra parte y ah! quiero leer! en fa! osea ya! no duermes hasta que lo terminas jajaj
*dude calm down! *peace sign** oh no its my hippie side! (aparece maria hippie nou!) *kep the peace*
(maria bonking her head on the wall GOD DAMMNIT I HATE BEING ESQUIZOFRENIC!
12/7/2003 c17 LUKE I AM YOUR FATHER nouuuuuuuuu blinks oh yeahhh i forgot hehehe
QUIERO UN TRIO *ajem* en un BUEN sentido jajaja no neta quiero que quinten sjoers y kalen fluff! (jaja fluffy) jeje y ademas muchos celos y mAS accion y SSANGGRRE jaja muahahahhaahahhaa -oh dear there she goes again- *HEEY i cant help it im the evil psyco side* - yeah right more like the LOSER side!- *how can you say that *sob* *runs off cring like a little girl* -*blink* huh? oh! *dances victoy dance* i WON jaja loser jajaja - ~you DO know thats your OTHER side dont you?~ -huh?- ~*hits him with a mallet* nevermind~
12/6/2003 c2 Pablisenko
aafke, my deer friend, I must say you are quite a writer! congrats! well, I gotta go. take care. Ciao bella
10/25/2003 c14 Yellie
Interesting story. Mine's been updated.
10/22/2003 c1 brau
Siendo tu fan numero tal... siento que cada vez estas haciendo de esta historia algo epico. Me gusta mucho como escribes y la forma en la que tu historia esta estructurada. Tus personajes tienen mucho peso y caracter que esperemos se desarrlollen mas. En fin, siento que has hecho un excelente trabajo con esta historia y espero que no mantegas leyendo con ella. Me siento muy orgulloso de tu trabajo. Se te quiere mucho por aqui. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK MI LADY!

9/17/2003 c8 hola mi vida

long live erm... AAFKE sii erm FELIZ CUMPLEAƑOS! jajaja no bueno si... algund dia cumpliras jajajajaja muere!

erm good story yuhu
9/15/2003 c8 Guest
Nice work over the story plot. There is substance and overall it wants me to keep on reading. Glad to have minds like yours running around. Hopefully there is still more to this story that we havent even imagined, am i right? Anyway, nice. Keep us entertained.
9/13/2003 c1 ilse
hola! como estas? ya por fin voy a leer tu historia! yahi! luego te escibo otro pero en ingles para hacer un comentario totalmente literiario! jiji


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