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for Hope in Tragedy

3/24/2004 c1 84cookiemonster
aww...that was so cool! thnx for da review...really appreciate it!
3/7/2004 c1 26Endless Nightmares
WOw! Sad to say the least. Great haiku. I'm into haikus now, you should take a look at mine.
Whispers In Silence
9/14/2003 c1 22JTierra1988
So sad *pouts since my eyes are dry* JMBunny
9/13/2003 c1 Lazerponies
... *cries*...*sniff sniff* I can’t believe how you can get haikus to do that... and I don’t even Like haikus usually... wow…
9/7/2003 c1 190Miz E. Mak
wow...a nice set of haiku. I enjoyed reading them a lot; the depiction is awesome.
9/7/2003 c1 59swirlygirl
happy but sad i liked this one!

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