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10/27/2006 c1 1a Leader by Default
So good.
8/8/2006 c1 Teaqa
I feel totally inept at writing reviews for pieces like this. I just want you to know that you can write, that you can instill emotion into the simplest phraseology, I enjoy your pacing and your tone, I love this line; "In the rush-hour crush", I wonder at the way you make me think and how you can so aptly reflect my own rush hour wonderings, I admire your ability and I love this poem. Thankyou for it...really, thankyou.
5/19/2006 c1 Blue
I think that that poem was very soul-felt. Truly, it is rare to be able to meet someone who can show so much feeling in such a simple poem. I admire you, even though you may never see nor read this review. I marvel at how you can bring emotion into something as simple as this. Or maybe I'm imagining it. Well, either way, I congratulate you on this piece of poetry. It truly deserves more than I can say to you.
6/17/2005 c1 5Rainbow Fingers
I absolutely loved this! It was well written and unique. Thank you for a good read!
5/9/2005 c1 264boy that you loved
you conveyed your encounter with this man incredibly, your people watching game retold. but everyone wonders why they care. i enjoyed this very much.

good poem.

'aptmyn, aptmyd, aptmyae, batditwwshfh'
4/28/2005 c1 5Maroon
Nice last line!
12/30/2004 c1 11Mystic Rider
Oh hey... Hmm. Thats cool! I likes it. ^_^ I wonder like that (ish.. not as deep or cool, and definantly not long enough to make a poem.. trust) sometimes... anyway. ^_^ I liked it by the way.
11/26/2004 c1 1loveology
Sheer delight.
8/28/2004 c1 41Sadira
wow! i'm so glad i read that. its beautiful. i love the way your thoughts progress, kind of like the train. i feel like i can picture him. its really beautiful. actually, its a bit like a poem by steve turner called "for those whom i will never meet". you should read that. thanks so much for sharing this, its fantastic.
8/13/2004 c1 scissor sex
Five Stars. =D
-S G F
1/29/2004 c1 81daphnegray78
great job! I really like this...it's so cool! I think a lot like that sometimes. ya know...for some odd reason...this poem made me think of the movie Harriet the Spy and when she starts writing in her notebook about random strangers she sees...anyway, awesome poem!
1/13/2004 c1 5baditterbunnyqueen
Oh my freaking goodness! What a totally awesome poem. That was- wow- it totally bowled me over. Wow.
12/15/2003 c1 one crimson tie
Hey, I love this! Normally I don't check out poetry (you won't believe how much crap there is out there, or perhaps you can), but this was intriguing. I like it. Maybe because I take the metro every day. Or maybe because it's just GOOD. Especially the last bit: "I woundered whether, in years to come/If I were a famous poet/And you read this poem/You would recognise yourself." Just lovely.
Have a spiffing day, and thank you for this poem. I'm printing it out.
_ one
11/13/2003 c1 1aceinit
I'd forgotten how much I'd missed hearing from you until I read this. I don't know how you do it, how with a few short words, you can evoke such strong emotions and senses of place and time.

I had a similar experience a few months ago, on a subway in Manhattan, and the man across from me still has me thinking, asking a lot of the same questions, thinking so many of the same thoughts.

It's sometimes amazing what things in life reach out and touch us so profoundly-like the man in the Underground. Your writing will always be one of those things.
9/7/2003 c1 145dfgsfdghftgt44
That was a really awesome poem. Seriously, that was freakin great! It made me think about all the people I never pay attention to in ordinary life. Wow...That was really cool. Also, thanks for the review.

~Cirien Phoenix of the Eternal Phlame
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