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for My Caged Soul is Now Free

1/26/2004 c1 Shapeshifter
I cant explain why, but this story really interests me, why i cant tell, but it does.
1/14/2004 c1 Lord of the Sabres
So pretty, so sad... I liked it a lot. What else is there to say?
12/18/2003 c1 4Katie Valerin
This is good. Different. I understood without the explanation. I cant say i've never quite read anything like this before. A twist. good.
12/16/2003 c1 24HatedBlade
wow, very good, i like it, u've got good poetry skills, keep it up!
12/10/2003 c1 16amethystdawn
Hey, this is like all song like. Cool. It's like this story telling poem, song thingi. I like it. You ought to write more. ^_^ By the way, I thank you a thousand times for reviewing Rock Star, considering you were reluctant at first, but decided to go on. It's much appreciated. Hey, um, when are you going to update the Chicken Thing?
12/7/2003 c1 29Katterree Fengari
O, major thanks on the explantion...now you only have to explain the major bit that you didn't explain in the summary...
Would gunpowder really stain your fingers? Would that mean it was a faulty gun or somethin? Cus for a gun company, if whenever you shot something you got gunpowder all over you, the company would probably lose customers... I was thinking the whole time that she had black fingernail polish.
I sorta think that the repitition takes away some after a while...cus I'm not quite sure it relates to every stanza...Also, not quite sure, either, the significance of head thrown back...the force of the bullet?
Wait, did she kill herself because of a heartbreak? "This regret of lost love"?
Also, I'm sorta confused some more...were all the souls free for the reason of...wait...this I don't know, because of her for some reason?
11/22/2003 c1 3FurballofEvilness
Would you believe me if i said it was 'beautiful' and 'sing-song like?'

if not, i'll say i found it very interesting, moving, flowing, and all around amazingly working well and inspirational and morally teaching.

(i didn't get a word of that either)

11/6/2003 c1 janel
this is so powerful and sad. one of the best poems i've read in a long time. it's...very moving. i love that you write about real stuff instead of flowers and puppies and rainbows. i want to say more about this poem, but i can't find the words to express how it touched me. i've had quite a few friends attempt suicide, but luckily none of them ever succeeded.
10/6/2003 c1 lice
This is one of my favorites. It's deep, dark and delicious (heh listen to me i sound like I'm talking about f*cking chocolate) No seriously I like it.
9/27/2003 c1 none o'Eric
So vivid...so lost...
9/12/2003 c1 23PseudoIdentity
*doo dee doo* It's me~! ^_^ Ahem, anyway. Like I've said numerous times before, despite the fact that I'm one of those people who "didn't get the imagery," (I didn't know gunpowder was black, so sue me), great poem. Duh. Of course, I must comment that the first and last stanzas are the best . . . in my opinion that is. But on thing confuses me: how else is caged pronounced?

9/7/2003 c1 88heterochromia
Wow. This is an awesome poem. I love the language used and everything about it. Keep it up.

9/7/2003 c1 jadedangel2 sorry cant be bothered signing in
Your poem is so meaningful and your choice of words are excellent. I liked the repetetive line its a great technique if you can pull it off in your poetry and you did with flying colours. Excellent work man definitely one of my favourites.
9/6/2003 c1 9Tiadaria
Quite moving. I found the repitition, which, if used incorrectly, can become tedious and annoying, was used remarkably well in this case. You appear to have a firm grasp on both the techniques and imagination necessary for a good poem. I applaud your work.

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