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6/9/2006 c4 madelineangel
this story is getting really good please gave the goods and please do it as soon as possible.
3/31/2005 c4 Snowangel163
luv yo story. please please keep writing chapters cause i hate it when people write stories and never finish it or write more. ^-^
1/27/2005 c4 CandehFeind


no cuddly = :'(

but I can dealio :D

hooray for updates!

*throws cookies around*
1/27/2005 c4 19NotEnough
This took forever. I am therefore on a review strike. Yes. I'm not going to review. This does NOT count as a review.

I repeat, this is NOT a review.

I'm merely letting you know that i liked the chapter and hope you update soon.


AND where was my response *glares* I REVIEWED last time. See, another reason why this isn't a review.

So er...there.

(Update soon...please. And, if possible, kill Lara, and add kissing between Wyn and Ciaran...heh.)
1/24/2005 c2 Gilded Muse
Poor Ciaran. Those cats are out to get him, I tell you.

Blah. I got to get to class (why I signed up for a 7:30 class is beyond me) so I'll have to come back and review the third chapter later. However, I hope there is severe Wyn suffering in the next chapter. Yes, I'm wicked, but I want to see him *pay* before they get back together. That or skip right to hot sex. You know, whatever works.

My only problem with this chapter was the paragraphs of blinking/eyebrow arching between Devin and Wyn. Owe. It probably has something to do with the fact that I'm more medicated than a box of birds, but I had to read over it a couple of times to let it sink in.
8/25/2004 c3 6Cygna-hime
*squeals* Yay! More! And...more! Yay! I want to know what happened, I really do. Also, Ciaran needs to angst some more. Yes. *evil grin* Angst is the root of all evil. This makes me very happy.
Oh...fantasy recs. Let's see...You've read the Silmarillion, right? More Tolkien. And then he has a couple stories, Smith of Wooton Major and Farmer Giles of Ham, which are nice. Err...Diana Wynne Jones, you should definitely read. Her Chrestomanci books are very good indeed. And Diane Duane's Young Wizards series. And...I'm just guessing you like the same books I do, since I've read everything you mentioned within the last six months (except Mrs. Frisby. I read her years ago). Fantasy rules!
8/25/2004 c3 Jiro
Abigail was hysterical! I lurve her! And I love Ciaran's last comment. Haha. Wyn's like a cat! SO cute! I don't think the crazy mom is such a bad turn of events... but if you really hate it, I guesse you should change it. I like it as is though. Great chapter!
8/25/2004 c3 8Edana
oh, it's a good thing you updated today (or was it yesterday? Time zones confuse me O.o) anyway, because I'm going away tomorrow. So now I get to leave a nice review in my wake ^^ I love the humour in your story, but I love the angst too. I think the best stories have a bit of both anyway, because it makes all the characters more fully rounded and that way you can relate to them more. Like in this chapter, with Wyn's hidden "issues" coming to light (I mean, the fact that he has some) which must have been behind his leaving. Before that, with all his smiles, I had no idea ^^; I wonder what they are, and whether Ciaran can forgive Wyn or not (although he doesn't seem all that mad at the moment, lol) Hmm, I didn't read half of those books when I was young - I did read the Chronicles of Narnia, but I suppose at my school most of the books were lesser-known British books to protect our culture or something. Anyway, a very interesting chapter, and I'd like to see how the relationship between Ciaran and Wyn develops, because I guess there are going to be some interesting bumps in the road ^^
8/24/2004 c3 fanfare
*flails madly* More! ^^
8/24/2004 c3 CandehFeind
wahoo! an update! yey...i liked the little cuddly time at the end...*sniff* is there going to be more? *hint hint*. thank you for updating
8/24/2004 c3 19NotEnough
YAY. An update. Even if it does seem like forever!
So, well, now i'm feeling kind of sorry for Wyn. I don't like feeling sorry for him. He hurt Ciaran dammit.
Well, update soon, or i shall write you annoying emails and such until you do.
XD Awesome as always!
8/24/2004 c2 8Edana
I was wondering why I hadn't noticed this second chapter, and I guess that the 10mths between chapters is the reason why O.o lol But anyway, this is a great chapter. I really like your style of writing, especially the humour (and I'm not really a big fan of humour) so thanks for making me smile ^^ I especially like the use of repetition with things like the pout that no one can resist and Ciaran abusing the poor cat. Ciaran's almost cynical attitude is great too ^^ The fact that he bitches about his brother's annoying cute pout, and the cat that's in lust with him lol. And also, it's interesting that beneath the humour there's obviously a serious issue with Ciaran and Wyn and why they broke up etc, and how they seriously feel about each other. I'm curious to see what happens there, and I hope you update soon! You said a month, but I suspect that deadline has passed ^^;
7/25/2004 c2 6Cygna-hime
I hereby declare you to be the evil from which all evil was spawned. How DARE you write such an excrutiating cliffhanger? Wha! Cygna wants to know what happens next! Also, she wants more angst, because angst is of the goodness. But more of anything will do, to mitigate the effects of your EVIL CLIFFHANGER. Bai!
7/17/2004 c2 1JDWrites
If you don't update soon, I swear I will send someone after you...preferably Birdie, my wonderfully gay friend.
7/17/2004 c1 JDWrites
Ah yes...must...have more chapters!
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