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9/9/2004 c1 1Ckashid
That's true, it is very lonely when one has no friends. Cold too. Good job.
5/8/2004 c1 460Time To Change
This sounds like me a lot. Good poem. I like.
10/9/2001 c1 e.b
awsum poem . i feall like that alot
4/7/2001 c1 142Battykat
evryone's perspective is diff, if u cn try and c someone else's POV then u already know more than most peeps cn learn in their whole lives. Glad to c ur doing so :)
1/24/2001 c1 Juliette6
12/14/2000 c1 2Swell
nice poem. raises some good thought with emotional writing. keep it up!
12/13/2000 c1 TheEnd
Hey this sounds like me. Very good, I like it, as much as it hurts though. But that's good when it touches people emotionally! Keep on.
12/13/2000 c1 91unwritten

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