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6/29/2011 c1 Foxtrot 21
I'm enjoying the interaction between the characters so far, although Cory seems a bit spoiled and confused, but I'd say it's in keeping with his upbringing given that his parents have or had money. I like the story and will read more if you choose to write more.
11/24/2007 c6 7Sunshine Bear
Oh. Cory is going to get his head cut off! OH NO! Raven is going to snap his head off. Lor is going to die and so is Cory. Just sad.
10/27/2007 c6 3Back of Beyond
Interesting story - though I don't think 'humor' is a good genre for it to be put under. xD Drama would be better.

Shame you haven't updated in years. :[
5/15/2007 c6 Instant-Soup

cory's selfish

love it!

2/9/2007 c6 i-see-faeries
Wow, just wow. This is so intesting, correctly portraying human nature. I love it. Is it going to be Cory/Lor? I know that's horribly cliche, but cliche works in small doses ... Eh, what ever. It's your story and I'll love whatever you decide. Update soon!
8/5/2006 c6 zoule
I hope you update this one soon. I rather like it. I want to see Cory stop acting like a spoiled prat...and get a clue. :)
7/25/2006 c6 5paputsza
I LOVE this story. please update
5/14/2005 c1 Turnipy
I really like your story. Please, update.
5/13/2005 c6 2midoriturtle
I don't mean to be pushy, but are you ever going to update this again? I rather like this story, and would like to see how it ends. Also, do you know that none of the links in your profile work?
10/20/2004 c6 6Goldensong
Argh! What a cliff-hanger! I could grow to hate you for that very easily... Please update before I die from suspense!
8/29/2004 c6 15Shoujo Kitsune
Oh my god, what a terrible place to end! Is Cory going to get together with Michael, or is he going to be murdered by Raven? Is Cory's friends going to get intimate with the head hunter? Gosh your plot is so intoresting. Is Cory going to shape up and realize that being married might not be so bad, and is Michael ever going to get any? Great Fiction. Thank-you.
8/14/2004 c6 Turnipy
you know what's the greatest crime on fictionpress?
getting people hooked on a story and not updating or finishing it.
please i'm going through withdrawal here. i'll give my brother for the next update...
7/2/2004 c1 10Cinaed Born Of Fire
Ooh, I really liked the final paragraph of this chapter! Gives a nice foreshadowing for the rest of the story. This was an excellent first chapter-really caught my attention. I'm definitely going to keep reading. *pets Lor and Cory*
5/18/2004 c2 7AethraZip
The weird gets weirder, but that's good. I'm intrigued, and I'm gonna read until I reach enlightenment, dammit!
5/18/2004 c1 AethraZip
Well, that was.. different.. but a good kind of different. *nods*
No comments at the moment. I must continue reading.
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