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9/20/2003 c1 72CancerianQueen
Oh my god... now I really feel bad. But I really don't think I've ruined your reputation. Honestly... if you are a really good writer and give good reviews and constructive critism, what I said shouldn't bother people. Thank you very much for putting me on your fave authors list... mentioning one of my stories in your bio... and making 3 of my stories your faves. I am really sorry... but let me explain what got me fired up in the first place. The first review of yours was to my best friend's cat's poem. Now... it may not be all that good, but it was a dedication, you don't have to scoff at that. And then all the other reviews you wrote to me... I didn't really take much notice if they were sarcastic or not... so, I'm sorry if they weren't sarcastic. I hope you understand MY point of view now.

Once again, I'm sorry,


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