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for A Goblin King with Freckles

7/16/2017 c30 Hernani
That's a shame this story in unfinished.
1/6/2013 c1 1TeacupBlue
love it!
8/9/2012 c30 RiotOfTheWolves
What an excellent read. I've had a hard time putting my iPhone down these past few days. Absolutely brilliant story. There were quite a few 'plots' you started but then completely ignored, so there are a lot of loose ends. But for a first draft, it's great. Have you considered a sequel?
11/5/2011 c30 1Charlee Rayne
:O You're so mean! To leave it off like that!
5/29/2011 c30 4notjustink
I'm crying. I read this whole story in two days and you haven't updated in six years. Please. If you had any idea of what was going to happen in the last few chapters, post them. Or at least write me a message back to say that you lost inspiration or something. I can't just leave this story with Jaime having no powers, and the entire Goblin Kingdom in smithereens.
3/5/2010 c30 katrina
I am totally enthralled by this story only to find its not finished,how can i go on without knowing the ending,please update!
1/4/2010 c30 Soothsayer35
Such a fabulous story, but please please please finish it or write a sequel! Cruel place to end such a great story; please update!
3/29/2009 c29 Anne kbakerku.edu
I just wanted to say I adored this chapter for Latayna. She's the most amazing mother person ever.
3/29/2009 c30 Anne
Ahh I do miss this story. I always hate reaching this chapter because I know it's the last and it was almost there, to the end.

I wish I knew what happened next. Maybe someday you'll continue on with it a bit. One can only hope, mm?
1/18/2009 c30 2Shelbaybayz


you're cruel! CRUEL!

sequel =D?
3/4/2008 c30 1Dragonette12
awes this story is so good! :( well i hope u get to finish it sometime in the near future, because u hav a talent that only pops up rarely. :D
8/11/2007 c30 1A.V.Mackie
What? What? It can't end there, it's not finished! Argh, i just read this whole thing to find it isn't finished and it hasn't been updated in years! . ARRGH!

It is a brilliant story tho' and I love all your characters. I just hope this gets finished one day...
6/21/2007 c1 atreyu love
haha. i love the title :D
6/17/2007 c30 anon
No! You are so cruel. I stumbled on this story, got addicted and now I find out its not finished! and you haven't updated in like, two years! Argh. Please have some pity and update. Please update. :)
6/12/2007 c30 5hi-tanner85
this makes me mad that you wont update my favorite story on fictionpress.

just one more chapter to make it all nice and squared away maybe please?
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