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12/8/2004 c1 7SeraphicSilhouette
wow...that was some dream...and some poem. this is awesome, im really impressed by it. i love the repetition of "promises, promises" and the way that you were able to convey your point with such short lines. bravo :)
11/30/2004 c1 32Angel-Angel
Thank god i dont dreams like that, I'd never want to sleep again! Fantastic poem, scary, even to the point of disturbing.. great, awesome, love it

12/3/2003 c1 7Little-sunandstars
Interseting, descriptive, good use of repetition to show your point. Are you really sure you want an analasis of this dream? It's not that bad, but still it's not all that good either. I analize my friends dreams a lot of the time because let's face it, we're all really strange somewhere in our heads so let's at least have the ability to figure out what it is our subconscious is hinting at. Who knows what we might learn. I'll tell you what it means if you want, but i'm feeling lazy right now. good job though.
10/18/2003 c1 80sleah
Freaky...I like it. Lol. Great poem...*sigh* I'm writing a response to it...I'm very hopeless...I know.

~ Yabou ~ SL
10/18/2003 c1 18Night Breeze
O creepy! But you did a good job! Keep on writing! Thnx for reviewing! :-)

10/17/2003 c1 18Brentdechef
ok now this is a feckin awesome poem, i mean wow, i dont nho what to say, u should send this in to be publisehed, has to be my fav by far, just love the end the way u describe the fact u can still here her even though ur awake, now this is talent at its peak, well done dude
10/2/2003 c1 16Kitten-Fantastico
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10/1/2003 c1 36obsidian katana
great piece. well written, dark, but powerful words. i like this. a nightmare? anyway, i like the repetition you use in this. great job.
10/1/2003 c1 40AvaRicE
I love dreams. Well... the weird ones can be damaging sometimes, but they still amaze me with their sheer mystery. I mean, nobody can really say with proof that what a dream is.

Ack. Poem, right!

What can I say? All of your writing is always *amazing*!

The feeling I was getting from this was sad... that empty feeling you get, when you realise that this is what despair *really* actually is.

Great job, I'd never have guessed this is the first poem you've written inspired by a dream. :)
9/21/2003 c1 29Katterree Fengari
O,...that is neat-o...and scary...one of those due to the other...yea...love the repitition, I do, good how you started out that she was a corspe, well, rotting and all...What kind of dream was that...?
9/19/2003 c1 47The intellect

*opens mouth*

*shuts mouth*

*blinks in astonishment*

*bows to brilliance*


9/13/2003 c1 3Ruby-servantof-eli
hm well described
9/13/2003 c1 8glitterjewele
*gasp* that was thoroughly chilling and utterly stunning. i was leaning at least two inches closer to my computer screen by the time it ended. it sounds like a *very* disturbing dream indeed! *shudders* wow, okay, where do i start . . . the format is excellent. the short lines worked so well with this and made the repeating line "promises, promises" stand out and sting all the more. the images were horrific (and i mean that in a good way :P), extraordinarily vivid. the rhythm is fantastic. my favorite lines were "yet still she whispers/promises, promises" (i kind of felt like i had been transported into some kind of twisted ghost story, actually), "a raspy voice calls out," "fixed on me/like glue," "soulless, hollow," and "banished to memory." a truly phenomenal and disturbing piece of poetry. KUDOS.
9/12/2003 c1 64not sure yet
interesting, and dark, muchly enjoyed it, good flow too, nicely done
9/12/2003 c1 35Mime
Ah, I have some strange dreams too, no biggie to worry about. ^^

Anyway, hauntingly beautiful writing, keep it up!
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