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5/11/2010 c1 16Never Going Back
oh my god! i dont know how else to tell you that this poem is so fucking amazing! i absolutly fell in love with it and i have read alot of stuff on here but this by far is better then anything on here. even mine and i am proud of some of my things. dude you have to be one of thee best male writers in the history of writers! :) except for edgar allan poe. i love him with a passion, but your close to him. lol said enough going to leave you alone now. please r&r some of my things i would love for a writer like you to post something even if you dont like it. be cruel, i hate liars. lol bye :)
5/24/2005 c1 caitlin
i liked that poem a lot. i found it while googleing for poems for a school poetry assignent. my teacher is really into war and pro abortion and all that wonderful fun happy stuff, so i chose to use this poem to sorta riase my voice on how not everyone agrees with it.thanks
7/19/2004 c1 36Amrun
I really like this poem. I clicked on it out of curiosity; a little leary of the summary for fear of sadism. When I began to read, the metre grabbed me immediately. I had to read it a few times to begin to understand it - that, however, is the mark of a good poem.
One stanza stuck out to me. It just seemed... out of place. The rhythm didn't fit with the rest. I like the message the words portray, but it detracts from the poem because it throws off the flow. The stanza was:
A mother takes
The future of her children
It'll all work out
A cold illusion
I don't know how you'd make it fit. I'm not going to even begin to try to tell you. It's your poem. Maybe it can be changed to fit the poem, or maybe it would be better omitted. Or maybe, you like it that way and claim artistic liscence. Hey, that's what it's for, right?
Keep it up, boys! ^_^
12/6/2003 c1 1Lauren K
Mostly I like this and think it's very well-written. I disagree with the absolutely no abortion idea, but besides that, it's really good.
btw-love if you reviewed somethin of mine
11/29/2003 c1 whatsapenname
ITS MARY.oh boy that was my favorite!hooray for pennamessuck.
11/2/2003 c1 3dummyboard
Crap on a stick, buddy. I wish I wrote this one... it's so good. o wells, you got talent. Later dayz,

10/25/2003 c1 4Insertapenname
Hey Jack/all those other kids, Once again another awesome poem. Whoa, it even rhymes. That's pretty awesome. You should write an anti-stefanik poem. That woman...
10/4/2003 c1 2electrikmuse
very kewl poem. hope you read mine...you might like it.
9/22/2003 c1 shh secret
wow...you rock! that was way cool!
9/20/2003 c1 Carolyn
I knew that because Kathleen called me and said I feel sorry for Jack because his house flooded. My friend's house was destroyed and my room (which is in the basement) flooded alittle but it was funny.
9/20/2003 c1 Carolyn
Hey. Its Saturday and I'm at the library. I lost my electricity and it really really sucks. ALdo did your windows break or anything? And Jack is it true that your house flooded? If so, sorry and hope everything's better. Nothing bad happened but a tree fell over so it's sort of bad in my neighrborhood. WEll I gotta go now. Respond to me later.
9/16/2003 c1 altuscor
Hi! I guess yur a bit ANTI-social by the way you wrote the poem (LOL). Sorry that i wasn't able to review it earlier, I had to go offline for a bit. It's great work, as usual no doubt. I'm lookin' 4ward to the sequel 2 yur story but!


P.S: Could u tell Ben I finished givin' his preppy ex-girlfriend her slap-down (he'll understand what i mean) LOL.
9/12/2003 c1 21OneDeltaTenTango
Hey peoples. Just wanted to say your poems are really good and you should keep on writing. Also I feel so special! I'm the first to review and I'm happy. Ya! Well see ya on Monday peoples

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