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for That Walk

7/8/2005 c1 6Gilee7
As I was reading this, I was figuring that this or something close to it had happened to you at sometime or another. It just has that very real feel. Of course your end A/N confirmed that. This story was cute. Not really a purpose or anything, no real moral or theme, but it's a nice little story. It is what it is. It's a refreshing little piece.
4/26/2004 c1 8the heart's pawn-shop
Wow short narratives are definitely for you! Nicely done. And excellent descriptions
1/6/2004 c1 5aqua-angel
LoLz wow, i love the analogy of "greased lightning on ice", cute humour. Keep on writing
9/15/2003 c1 150SpawnMeister666
Thats funny...really funny...I've had a few big dogs myself and I know what they can be like when they decide to go after something! Although I did once take our German Shepard/Irish Wolfhound cross for such a long walk he lay down when we got back and didn't move again for 3 days! Kinda got the impression he was a little on the exhausted side!


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