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for A Moment in Battle

1/1/2004 c1 36Windsong
I'm seriously considering printing this poem out, bringing it to school, and showing it to my teachers, since at the moment we're in the thick of studying the Civil War. This story really reminds me of Gettysburg. This poem tore at my heart; I could distinctly hear his cry of confused, desperate despair, ringing and echoing in my mind. A beautifully sad poem. Keep writing! -Windsong (Unfortunately, since I claim no real knowledge of poetry-writing, I don't feel very qualified to make critiques on poems...on the other hand, I very simply couldn't find anything - whether technical or topical - to complain about. Well, be happy! ^-^)
10/19/2003 c1 161chairmanmeow
Favorite line: "His country's freedom fee"

I love this. One hell of a cool poem. Great work.

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