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for For all the Good It Will Do

1/27/2004 c1 90SweetGrape
The way the rhymes seem to come and go is very effective- like you're wavering softly- unsure or lost.
But the actual words are much harsher- bitter and unrelenting 'For all the good it will do', 'deaf to your pleas', 'Pathetic little creature'.
'What a sordid lie'- ouch; kicks away any hope of healing! (although time may prove it wrong)
2nd last line is a great one. (How you can feel so angry and bitter, and not believing in things anymore after you break up with someone- it's kinda scary in a way- but knowing that it passes helps.)
Except for the soft rhythm and the 2nd line, you almost can't see the hurt- just the pain (if that makes sense). you just see the anger and hopelessness, not that you're fragile.
9/25/2003 c1 8glitterjewele
this is really good! i'm surprised it doesn't have a review yet! i liked the semi-rhyme scheme a lot, like "cord" and "sword", and "lie" and "die". solid rhythm. some very interesting and original imagery, as well. the story behind the poem intrigued me as well, it made me want to ponder the situation that inspired the piece ~ and of course 'thought-provoking' goes on the list of applaudable aspects to the piece. :P my favorite lines were: "I am deaf to your pleas," "but in the end, who lost?", "crying like a shower" (that'd have to be my favorite of the favorites ~ so original and so very effective), and "everyday love's lonely curse." excellent work! :)

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