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6/30/2006 c2 34C.A. Eigsti
AH I love it so much.. i will read the rest later i can't wait. This is an amazing story so creative.

I love your writings...
1/29/2006 c12 6aminim00se
Augh! Sammy I don't know why you keep discouraging yourself w/ your writing! This is good stuff, and really would love to draw a manga of this since I've re-read it (again). Ohh I can see it now! X3 *spaz*

I'll show you a design I came up for Celia, and I'll work on other studies for Manny, Satera and Gerald too.
4/6/2005 c1 11Sirus Jones
Hey this story is really really good... i like it a lot... but you should do as your friend... Koel Alan Doe (pen name) said.. write new ones... lol you need to update. it has been 80 billion and 45 years (exageration)
1/15/2005 c12 8BadSweets

Excellent story we have here. I'd say my favourite character is most definitely Gerald. He's awesome.

You have an excellent talent for writing this story and I laughed at a few bits. I liked Kiria getting punched, lol! Er, what about Gerald's inheritance? What's going to happen next? Curioisity is killing me.

The falling over thing is kind of unrealistic, I think. You could say they winked or stumbled, or did a double take, or put their head into their hands or had a funny expression on their face. Other than that, no real criticism. The plot is intriguing, you don't have much poetic description though. Which is a product of the humorous tone? I'm not sure.

The story has a lot of an RPG in it (role playing games). I wonder if perhaps you play those? Where did you get your inspiration?

I really like your dialogue, it's very well done. Excellent work overall and I really absolutely can't wait for the next chapter!

1/21/2004 c2 3MissChiaroscuro
i have no complain about the story... but don't you think you rushed the story a little faster than you should?
i mean, the king warmed up to the girl *snaps finger* just like that?
1/21/2004 c1 MissChiaroscuro
hahaha! this is one funny chapter! me like the story! i'll be reading the rest!
stupid garr!
1/18/2004 c12 14Tangerine Tickle
Hey there, Sammy! It seems you're getting quite a lot of interested readers hooked to this story;) But why wouldn't they be hooked? I mean, Gerald and his haunting past and a girl overly-obssessed with Emmanuel-it's all so good! In my opinion, though, Satera is too good for the bandit prince. She should be paired with Gerald instead:) And guess what? I uploaded Chapter Two of StarSpangled Fighter Nicole and Chapter Four and Five of Mirai no Hikari! I ish so happi! =D
~Tangerine Tickle~
PS: Another way to spell Kiria is "b-i-t-c-h". :)
1/3/2004 c12 kamui-kun
Hehehehe! You really have a nice touch in sneaking in humor scenes to your work. That part
when Celia threw Kira into the water was a killer! Although I thought it was kinda mean on
Celia's part, Kira deserved it. ^_^ And that's one of the many funny segments in your story.
Good work and keep it up.
Hm... that girl that came out of the barbershop - is there something more to it?
Probably in later chappies...
And Emmanuel's wedding to Satera - why do I have this strange feeling that not everything
would turn out the way he hoped? Oh well, we'll see...
1/2/2004 c12 Jamith
nobody but the reader that is...lol...i love it...great story and plot, update soon
1/1/2004 c12 17Trinity of Dreams
need more, must update soon
11/15/2003 c1 6TipZy Tamagotchi
Whoah! This is awesome! I love it! *hugs hugs hugs* Hehe...Make Celia and Emmanuel fight more! Yay! Fight fight fight fight! That was a good plot twist... *gives you 100 point sticker*
10/18/2003 c3 kamui-kun
Chapter 11 - Another cool chapter. I laughed a little at Satera's show of ignorance, kicking the boat and lifting the manhole and all. Nice fight scene by the way. I especially liked the "VERDURE RAZE" technique showed off by Satera. Nice new charatcter in John, by the way. Hope that we'll see more of him in the later chapters. And what's this about Emmanuel showing a little bit of concern. Do I smell a love triangle or what? :)

Chapter 12 - Now this little chappie was a little bit different from your others. I do not know if I should laugh because of Kira's antics or feel sad because of John's story. I knew that there'll be a love triange here somewhere but I never knew that it would be this much complicated. Nice little ploy between Emmanuel and Celia just to avoid an engagement. Poor John, what a terrible childhood memory. I really hopes that he'll resolve everything about his past someday. And that's another one sword wielder for the group. I wonder who's next.

Good job! I'll be waiting for your next update soon.
10/17/2003 c1 7Firgof Umbra
Good morrow.

Nice story you have here. I was looking through some of Tangerine Tickle's stuff and found your story mentioned somewhere. I was intrigued and found myself reading all of part one!


There's quite a bit of comedic sense here, you're pretty good at it so far! Of course, me being Firgof's creator, I don't have that much to speak of! So it's quite the different tale.

But I really liked this one! Your characters are very distinct and fleshed out. Even though you wrote this one so far in mostly dialogue format, I was still able to envision the scope of the world. Congrats.

So, next week I will probably finish reading what you have posted. You've got my creative juices going once more!

Well, I must sleep for the night. *Sighs* No one reviews...

Right, well farewell.
10/15/2003 c3 6aminim00se
Teh suspense! Poor Gerald.
10/15/2003 c3 1Asilin
she's a wielder! NO WAY! don't let it be so! stupid girl...*growls* anyway, cool section (that's the right word, isn't it?) can't wait for the rest!
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