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2/13/2004 c1 6Black and Silver Dreamer
This is beautifully angst-filled, but sadly enough true. I know a friend of mine who is like this, and I have a feeling that she's going to push away love too. So sad, so true, so perfect.
1/27/2004 c1 8Sepulchral
Just thought I'd let you know, I made an account. :)
And.. I absolutely love this poem. It's very insightful and angsty. The ending fits it perfectly.
10/16/2003 c1 132mizu no kokoro
ooh... was it real? that'll be, so, i don't know, dreamy if it was ^^ one of the best, that's for sure! I likes! me puts on favs!
9/20/2003 c1 38Vickychan

That was amazing! Honestly, one of the best poems I've ever read. Even better than some I've read by famous authors *y'know, some really aren't that great

But anyway, that poem was so moving! I love it! I can't express exactly how it's made me feel, just moved.

Keep it up!

ps. sorry for the late reviews but we've been installing broadband which took ages and with homework, etc...
9/17/2003 c1 Mystical Aria
Very angsty! If ur into this, have u ever watched the anime X by Clamp? Very angsty, or Ayashi no Ceres as well. But the most angst one I think is the Kenshin Rurouni, the Japanese version of how he became to be this hitokiri battousai. I call it the pre-Kenshin, (there's the Kenshin (Japanese) where it's more light hearted. the one i'm talking about is only four episodes long, but VERY, VERY, VERY, angsty and sad! I just watched it and it was the only anime, EVER, that I actually cried. And I hate crying when watching TV and such.

Anywayz, all ur poems have nice rhythm. i was just wondering have u ever tried one of those poems that don't rhyme? i forgot what they're called...grr...gotta check back to you on that one.

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