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for Nymphos

3/24/2004 c1 40Funsmoke
The IMAGERY! So amazing. btw, you're on acid...aren't you?
2/22/2004 c1 2Crusty-Diamonds
interesting poem lol total nonesense, but nonesense isn't always bad. It's great! Wonderful imagery.
2/18/2004 c1 17fontanellemonster
Uh yay! I liked it...it was dreamy and glittery...
9/27/2003 c1 37wingless
though this is nonsense, it's nonsense with images. i see it all. it's like some nightmarish drug induced dream. beautiful though... even if its light
9/18/2003 c1 18Gemema
I loved this poem! It kinda reminds me of 'Alice in Wonderland' where everything is crazy and unusual. Loved all the different imagery, and the whole poem flows together really well.

Excellent job!
9/17/2003 c1 Swan L. Ing
I really like the line "Screaming pagans from Christian hell". It really grabs your attention.

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