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1/13/2004 c29 11jules2206
please please can we have an alternative ending! the one you've written is brilliant but I want them to be happy! pulease make it a happy ending..I really loved this story... its been totally awesome... thanks for writing it, BUBBA!
1/11/2004 c28 6Tragedy is Love
a bit late to review but i hate you. but i'll read your alter ending. i don't want him to die...
1/11/2004 c29 Shadeofwhite
Maybe you could write an alternate ending, please? One where he survives, maybe? I know, it doesn't fit with the angst classification, but everyone loves a sappy ending, even guys. So, could ya?
1/11/2004 c29 amazonwitchqueen
that was one hell of a story. youve almost got me crying. a surprising ending but one amazing story. you should write more.
1/11/2004 c1 Misao
Darn, I totally forgot to explain that one. Saying her father died from lung cancer was purely an excuse to get him to quit smoking. Sorry for the mix-up!
1/11/2004 c2 confused
I have read this b4 and in later chapters her father isn't dead. what is up with that?
1/10/2004 c29 AddADeleteFeature
You wouldn't understand how pissed off I am at tme moment! That was totally not KOOL!
BUt no offence i sorta saw it coming...I read WAY to much... any way it was a great storry(dispite the ending) and yea congagulatiuons
Starlight :)
1/10/2004 c4 2Merry Fairie
I really liked the contrast between "he" and his mom hehe.
That's all for now
1/10/2004 c29 cliffhangersareevil
well... that ending was good... but please make an alternate ending so we can know what would happen if he lived
1/9/2004 c29 Eleni
ok i know this story is done and you dont need any more reviews, but this is amazing. brilliant. its seriously one of the greatest stories i have ever read. i love the way you write, and you should definatly keep writing stories. good luck!
1/9/2004 c29 5swelbes
This was a great story. I loved the ending of it. Great work.
1/8/2004 c3 2Merry Fairie
Yes, I will be reviewing every chapter. I liked this chapter too. But I think if you rewrite it you should follow one of them home or something so that the readers get more attatched to the character. Anywho, good chapter!
1/8/2004 c2 Merry Fairie
Lol. Good chapter. I really like this story and I'm only on the first chapter. I think the characters reactions thus far are pretty realistic and I couldn't find any grammatical or spelling errors. I hope the next chapter is just as good... :-D
1/8/2004 c1 Merry Fairie
I must say, I like the intro. I'm curious to how a sixteen year old is living alone. Excellent start, anyway. I think I'm going to have fun!
1/8/2004 c29 10A Different Kind of Yellow
OMG! I can't believe he died! You made me cry! It was such a beautiful story! Could you continue with a second story about Molly and like 10 years later or something like that. I think you'd be just the writer to write a really good storyline like that. Congratulations!
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