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1/6/2004 c27 8Lyra Torg
1/6/2004 c29 4SparkleSprite
Oh my god! I can't believe William died! that was soo sad! It actually brought me to tears! you soo have to make a sequel or something! This story was just so great! i swear, it's like my favorite story on FictionPress and although I totally hate the fact that you ended the story and that William ended up dead, it was a great way to end the story with Molly being pregnant, though it would be so cool if he didn't die and if you continued the story with Molly and William and how they cope with having a baby and the struggles they go through, but sadly, that didnt happen but your story was great! I absolutely love it! and I strongly recommend doing a sequel cuz I don't think that I'm the only unhappy fan about your story ending. so, maybe you could consider making a sequel please? I'll luv you forever if you do, lol. well, anyway, once again great story and i cant think of anything else to say so peace out! and keep writing (even if it isn't on this story, lol) ^.^
1/6/2004 c29 3Talimkun
that was a really beautiful story...jeez you had me in tears! Part of me wants to request an alternative ending but that would be ruining your own personal vision when you first wrote your story. so i'm happy with it! although i do agree that a sequel would be kinda cool =) You're a great writter, you've prooved so every chapter you posted on this story! thanks =0)!
1/6/2004 c29 rubberduckieyourthe1
Oh my goodness please change the ending! PLEASE! It made me cry it was so sad. And if you do change the ending please make it a happy one, I don't wanna cry again lol.
1/6/2004 c29 Sara
I am crying and you are not very nice. It was a very very very wonderful story though. I loved it. I would really like to read a sequel or something. Where she is older and out of High School with her son. Just write another one ok? I will love you forever. Dude I am sad. Not very many stories can make me cry and yours did.
1/6/2004 c29 Nicole
I love your story! SOO MUCH! I would look forward to it everytime I got on the internet...even though I must say I am sad to see William die because he was one of my fav. characters, you still did a good job with the ending! :D
1/6/2004 c29 shadowgirl618
...okay...im nearly in tears here...*sobs* wah! how the hell no. no...ah...once i think of an alternate ending i'll tell u cuz this is too sad :(...oh lord...ah...uhm...well...uhm...good story..yeah...bye..
1/6/2004 c29 16Junior Mint
theres nothing else to say, but that sure as hell was not expected.
i cried some, very well done.
1/6/2004 c29 8Icefire2
*gives you a look* Though I really, really disliked the ending I thought it was a good story over all.
1/6/2004 c29 3gclover
wow. that has to be the most beautiful thing i've ever read!
please please please try to come up with an alternate ending for me, that one was far too sad.
my email is
1/6/2004 c28 7Angelgirlie805
damn it sent and I wasn't finished well anyway I was just going to let you know that your story is on my favorites list so yeah thats all ^_^
1/6/2004 c29 Angelgirlie805
OMG! I have been reading this for a while now and I really liked it, and sry for not reviewing sooner heh. Anyway that was so sad, I'm crying right now as I am reading this, for some reason this is the story I've cried the most to, well one of them anyway. *sniffle* I guess I understand why you did it but I just hate sad ending they always make me cry I'm such a wuss lol. Anyway the story was great and I just knew she was going to be pregnant but oh man I can't believe he's dead *sob* that sucks, I think what made it sad was the song, that really got to me. Well anyway nice job I really liked it. I hope that you write another story cause if you do I'll be sure to be there, and I'll review in the beginning hehe. Well bye bye I think I have to go remove the mascara running down my eyes ^_^ GREAT JOB!
1/6/2004 c29 13BellezAzul
Well, not my favorite way to end a story, but it fit the character, ya know? LoL I shouldnt have read this tonight though, I'm already having a depressing night and everything so I cried... lol Update with a new story soon, ok? Good job
1/6/2004 c29 2frankxiero
i love it! i cried! i really liked them happy tho!
1/6/2004 c28 2Lady Sunlight
You can't end it like this! Evil!
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