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12/12/2003 c23 acccountkiller
Hi! Um this has gotta b quick but I like Jack, lol, gay, Will and Grace jack... anyway this stry rox! I want her to go back too! And i think her parents should be hung! Lvoe, Mia
12/12/2003 c24 58slowlydancingtothestars
u have to right more nownownwo!
12/11/2003 c23 shadowgirl618
...but..but..but...YOU CAN'T STOP THERE! Ah lol. i think...that jack thinks that william will try something even more dangerous because the first time she was mad at him he almost killed himself and now she left...well...yeah.. lol i was going to say "will will try something even.." but that was like idk..lol. please update soon! *ahh*
p.s. its ok! as long as u update it doesnt matter how often!
12/11/2003 c23 cerillion
oh no. not another suicide attempt...
12/11/2003 c23 2Night of the Raven
please please continue. i love this story.
12/11/2003 c23 13BellezAzul
Very good, shes going home. Good job! :o) I'll glad your friend helped you, writer's block sucks, that's for sure. Good job and update soon, hopefully your writer's block is long gone!
12/10/2003 c22 5loves him
12/10/2003 c22 11jules2206
hey, aw she shud fone will bet hes well worried aw anyway pelase update soon, BIG FAN *bows down on floor* BUBBAI!
12/6/2003 c22 8Icefire2
*shakes head* Molly don't know what she is getting herself into. But what does that mean 'One today is worth two tommorw's' ?
12/4/2003 c22 40R. Blade
yay! more! but... to short... i need even more now. i hope it will b better between her and will soon!
12/2/2003 c22 amazonwitchqueen
wow the last time i checked you only had up to chapter 16 done. its gotten really good. keep going. i didnt want her parents back in the equation though i want to find out more about will's mom. i have a feeling bert will be coming back too. good chapters update soon.
12/2/2003 c22 17shadowgirl618
omg this story is too sweet. too cute. i wonder whats going to happen. omg its too ah you have to keep going have to keep writing. (i kinda thought the sex thing was a bit fast tho :-/ jus my opinion.) ah whats goin on with will anyway? and why did he tell her his name was will when everyone else called him dante? hm. well please update soon i love this story! ^^;
12/2/2003 c21 pleaseuseanothername
Bert is a great character. :) Looking forward to seeing more of him.
I like how you avoided turning the story into a complete soap opera with the suicide. I think the pacing is getting a little too fast, but it's not bad.
The parents aren't realistic to me. I've known people like you're trying to describe and maybe that's the problem. Molly seems to be compensating for their cold shoulder, but so far I haven't really gotten the feeling that they hate her. They just aren't cold enough for adults. They're acting like 6th graders who haven't gotten their way.
Other than that, keep up the good work. Looking forward to reading the rest. :)
12/2/2003 c14 pleaseuseanothername
Pretty good chapter. But didn't Molly tell Will in Chap 1 that her father died of lung cancer? That was the reason she wanted him to stop smoking.
When she mentioned parents in the previous chap. I thought she was talking about a step-parent.
12/2/2003 c21 3gclover
NO! she has to go back to will, she loves will... damnit I LOVE will!
lol great work
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