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11/4/2003 c7 3Misao
Answer to luvurflyingmonkey123:

She wasn't skinny dipping, lol. Heres what I wrote:

William noticed and his eyes grew wide, "What the-?"

"I'm not gonna skinny dip! Don't freak out so much." She said, dropping her dress around her ankles

He thought she was going to go skinny dipping... Okie, hope I explained it well! Sorry for the confusion. ^_^;
11/4/2003 c7 24fearphobic
hey, nice one. kool, William actually hugs her!
11/4/2003 c7 3Glenfinnan Girlie
She's bloody insane! Love her charachter! Please continue!
11/4/2003 c7 16luvurflyingmonkey123
these two chapters were interesting. Stupid preps, thinking they can rule the school *glares*.

Um... just a question... isn't skinny dipping when you're completely naked? She still had her underwear on, which I can understand, but you can't really call that skinny dipping.

Welp, great chapter, I'll be back for the next, I hope you update soon!
11/3/2003 c6 acccountkiller
Hey oh this is so qt...well u no...oh wat a scene, the lil closet, lol, i love this story! do write more soon! wat r their parents gonna say? well love and good luck. Twiligjt
11/3/2003 c6 6Tragedy is Love
okay, that has potential for more there. will seems a very sensible name have i already mentioned that? neways update soon
11/2/2003 c6 17DollyMarie
write more soon. i really like this story.
10/19/2003 c5 amazonwitchqueen
wow. i found this story a while ago and hadnt had a chance to read it but this is awesome. keep on writing, i love this story, its hilarious but a great writing piece at the same time. i love how she never gives up. update soon.
10/15/2003 c5 6Tragedy is Love
will's a nice name. its like really sensible and i suppose, i usually associate it with someone not a goth but i think the name will is cute!
9/26/2003 c5 16luvurflyingmonkey123
o I like, I like a lot. Gr... I do disagree with Molly about the whole music thing. Mudvayne, Coal Chamber and Manson are not crap.

Which reminds me, the whole is that pop thing cracked me up. Very good.

There are a few spelling mistakes, but it's ok, also the chapters are a little short in the beginning, but as I said in my review of your other story, I don't mind because I have the same problem.

Update soon!
9/19/2003 c1 3Misao
Thanks a lot for all the support you guys. Just wanted to apologize about not being able to put up a new chapter today. I'm a little drained after writing the last one all evening yesterday. Plus, I've got a little bit of a writers block at the moment. But, I'll be sure to try and get another one up asap. Thanks again everyone. You're all awesome!

9/19/2003 c5 16anti-you
I am falling in love with this story! its soo romantic in a weird kind-of way... please! please! write some more very soon!
9/19/2003 c5 Ciara the Strange
whee! keep writing! i like this story so much, and cant wait to read more^_^
9/19/2003 c5 the PLANETS the STARS
Cool story, opposites atract,goth boy rocks
9/19/2003 c5 11LiteAMatch4IDeserveToBurn
that was pretty funny..until Alex pinned her against the pole. keep writing
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