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5/13/2007 c10 12sunflowersing
Wow! I think having them hear each others sad stories helped bond them together.

5/13/2007 c9 sunflowersing
That was such a terrible thing to do! I was afraid the lamp was going to hit her, too. I was wondering, are we going to see Molly's past life before she moved from NY to good old California?

5/13/2007 c8 sunflowersing

5/13/2007 c7 sunflowersing
Why didn't Will take advantage of the situation? She was in her freakin underwear!

5/13/2007 c6 sunflowersing
That has got to be the BEST way to end a prom: Getting stuck in a small closet with a hott guy! Can you see I'm a bit obsessed with Will?

5/13/2007 c5 sunflowersing

5/13/2007 c4 sunflowersing
He seems so disinterested in Molly... When will we find out his name?

5/13/2007 c3 sunflowersing
Hahaha! Oh, this is great!

5/13/2007 c2 sunflowersing
Oh, I LOVE this guy! Guys with eyeliner and piercings are so hott!

5/13/2007 c1 sunflowersing
Alone? Wow! That's pretty cool!

4/23/2007 c29 6givelifeyurall
and where did make the song Molly Smiles, because i've actually heard of a rock song called that in a movie
4/23/2007 c28 givelifeyurall
sad...so sad that i couldn't even cry. damn damn danm william! its even sadder to think these stories actually happen. i thought it was beautifully written though, molly is a fighter and i loved her character. she did have a change though, naive in the beginning but william showed her reality of suicide.
4/14/2007 c29 5eternallily
OMG! That story was incredible, I totally loved it. It seemed more real than a lot of stories on FictionPress. If its not too much trouble, can you email me your alternate ending if you decide to make one? Keep writing though, you definitely have skills. :)

2/17/2007 c29 12Pyrgus
wow... totally not the ending I was expecting... I knew she would have a bump in the end, but wow... not any of the other parts... I loved this story, but I didn't because of the ending.

I loved that this story didn't have the conventional happily ever after...


1/9/2007 c28 Vicky
Hey! I just re-read 'Molly Smiles' and i still think that it was excellent but after reading it a second time i think you should maybe rewrite the whole story instead of just an alternate ending. I think if the chapters were longer and a lot more detailed, the story would be so much better. Also, i think there should be a longer transition time from when Molly starts school and when she falls in love with William, and make the story slightly less fast moving. Please don't think of this as a bad review, i just thought i should offer advice to improve your great story.

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