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1/7/2007 c29 Vicky
I really liked this story. i do think it went a little fast and you could have added more detail in the chapters, but it was still really good. When i first started reading this i didn't understand WHY it was called 'Molly Smiles' but now i do and it's really cute. I request an alternate ending! argh..i can't handle sad endings. I miss William!

excellent write.

1/1/2007 c29 total vintage
Excellent story. Well done.
12/18/2006 c28 justaghost
He's dead... NO! NOT FAIR! He was awesome.. THEY were awesome. That was so sad I feel like I need to cry. When she started going through her memories with him I thought it was so sweet... AWW!

Lol, I'm finished now. But seriously that was an amazing story! William forever! Lol
10/21/2006 c29 6Anne Onymus
YOU MADE ME CRY! not only cry, but sob, how could you do this to me? oh my god, i dont think i'll ever be happy again
9/28/2006 c28 Awake
Aw... I want an alternate ending! :P Your story wasjust... So good! I didn't want it to end like that, I was just crying so hard when I finished it! ( Read it yesterday!)... I know it's been a long time, maybe you'll read this, but oh well... Loved your story, your characters, awesome!
9/4/2006 c29 2ALiCE-In-HOrrORlaND
alternate ending, please? I love this story so much!
8/21/2006 c29 Cat
Oh my god I am crying this was so good
8/10/2006 c1 3suckerforaslowsong
I love this story
8/10/2006 c28 TearsofSanity
Ugh i think i have tears in my eyes... "Not going to cry...shit" Ah man i was really hoping that things would end differently but somes things just can't be helped... Truthfully as sad as it is, please don't change it...
7/15/2006 c29 LifeDistracted
I really enjoyed the ending, dont change it! You have a few wrong words though: like he for his (or something like it)
6/17/2006 c29 101Shadow of the Black Wolf
one more thing..I like the ending. No one ever really ends their stories like that. I have aim too so u can add me..shadow wolf3007 I loved ur story and ur one of my favorite authors.
6/17/2006 c28 Shadow of the Black Wolf
AH! I'm still crying..that is the saddest thing I think I've ever..hang on I need a tissue..seriously. okay I'm back. that was..wow. Beautifully written.
6/17/2006 c27 Shadow of the Black Wolf
OH MY GOSH! I'm crying right now, trying not to. And I curse u for it cause my sunburn hurts worse now! lol but that is so freakin sad!
6/17/2006 c21 Shadow of the Black Wolf
haha Bert is awesome and I can't believe Molly left!
6/17/2006 c19 Shadow of the Black Wolf
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