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1/5/2006 c6 29Bridgette Cecile
really awesome story, wish i could more, but my class is ending! crap! love the story!
12/23/2005 c29 22blackoutroses
well generally this was a good story however, at times i felt that the plot was a little rushed. Sometimes, Molly sounded too prepy and so her relationship with William therefore seemed unlikely. It also seemed that her life was based too much around what he thought-maybe it seemed that way because it was in her POV. I liked the ending though it was sad, it worked well.
12/2/2005 c29 twinmoon
ok...first things first


ahem, now back to what i was gong to say. You know how people have comfort food, (girls and chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream) well i have what i call 'comfort reading' or comfort books. so i read a story, contemplate any hidden meaning for about ten min. maximum, then go on to the next story. Vary rarely am i ever actually touched by a story. i may like it a lot and read it ten times but they normally don't move me.

now that thats over i can continue with my praise. i this piece of art and , lets just say I've been sitting here for over an hour just thinking, its like theres something pulling me, a tight compress, restricting my very essence to thoughts of 'Molly Smiles' (which by the way, i love the title, a lot) it ended in such a finalizing way, so sharp and abrupt, i adored it. the way the characters developed , the way the emotions seemed real, the plot. i just loved it.

now I'm not saying its perfect, there were some parts where i just went 'Huh?' and others where i thought 'now where did that come from' there were a lot of time jumps and i do wonder the span of time this took place in. and other such things as that , but over all i was enamored by it. in fact it reminds me of a story (the only other story that i spent this much time on ) called 'wished are for dreamers' i don't know if its still up , but both of your stories ended with a tragic death , a mourning lover, and a song written , yours was by the one who died and hers was for the one who died, but non the less, they have some similarities.

i am sorry if its seems like I'm being very critical , I'm not trying to be. I'm looking forward to reading more of your work.


P.S. i also almost Never review. but something just called (cough~ordered~cough) me to review.
11/28/2005 c1 Readers
Congratulations! This fic has been nominated for the Best Romance Fiction of 2004. The voting began yesterday and will go on till Jan 15th. Please inform your readers in your next update to visit my profile.

Thank You.
11/16/2005 c29 16rip17
i'm...crying...that's sad...i haven't cried over a story in a while...i love the ending but i wish it could have been a nicer ending...i dont like crying but that's okay...other than seeing through tears, this is my fav story. i think this one and seeing through tears are tied. thanks for the good read.
11/5/2005 c28 24Sadistic-Cathi
wow that was good
11/4/2005 c29 REGRETABLE
aw, that's so good! i like it, I'm sad at the end, but it made such a better ending you should've writtne sumthing like her whisper the names and whisper to the little child next to htat that was her daddy, but idk... lol, i love it!
9/28/2005 c29 1EmotionHopeless
I just started reading your story the other day and finished it today. I personally liked the way you ended it, and don't think you should change it, even if people complain. It's your story and if you'd been planning on ending it that way, then it's your choice. Good job with the story . :)
9/22/2005 c28 7Selena Brudi
wow... what a great story... i even cried! well... kinda... but that's big anyways cause i've NEVER cried on ANY fictionpress yet... man... that was really sad, but a good story... anyways, gtg! again, great story!

~Mythical Luver~
9/18/2005 c29 25candyratt
I read this a while back, but forgot to review! (What!) But, here I am reviewing and all I can say is:


this is so sad. It made me cry! I'm going to read it again!
9/1/2005 c29 72Forget-The-Sorrow
Oh my... I've been trying to read this, but could never get past the first or second chapter, but tonight I finally read the entire thing. I LOVED IT! You are a great author and that story was wonderful. Wow. I hope you write more!
8/15/2005 c8 ravenscribe
First you seem to be asuming that every one that wears alot of black is gothic. Which is not true. Second very few guys are cutters, I'm not saying that there are no guy cutters but not very many and most of those are gay. Other than that your storys ok so far.
8/8/2005 c28 Wrinkles the Troll
Oh. My. God.

I just did the most horrible thing on earth.

I read this story...

without tissues.

My friend warned me, but no...

And she's pregnant!

You are a truely amazing author! I loved loved LOVED this story!
7/31/2005 c29 15Bluestreamer
o go thats so sad. it made me cry.
7/31/2005 c14 Bluestreamer
one thing i noticed is you always say set instead of sit but i do love this story
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