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2/18/2005 c1 10Behind-these-eyes
I'm crazy about your story this is one of my fave's on the site. your an awesome writer!
12/19/2004 c29 Cissbox being lazy
i have to admit, this was cute and nice. and i almost cried! and, i really dont care about the off-beat grammar because in all truth it didn't matter. great story. keep writing, but could you try and get a better editor? please? ;) :) cheers
12/19/2004 c10 Cissbox being lazy
ok, before i read this chapter, i looked at the reviews, and i decided to keep going and ignore the slight simplicity or the writing. i honestly don't mean to offend you, i like it so far. so, i'm going to keep reading because (shh i cheated) i read the last chapter (which was cute and sad) and i wanna know what happens next so ya! cheers and write more
12/19/2004 c9 too lazy to sign in
a) It's "sit down" not "set down"

b) plurals do not have apostrophes (ex. "signs", not "sign's")

c) a little more creativeness with the writing (you know, like different words and ways to say things) would help a lot.

other than those three things, I rather liked this story. very nice plot and characters. i like Molly, even though she's a bit (or a lot) of a prep, and Will is kinda cool. a couple hints also: if you develop the characters a little sooner, maybe mention a couple things (even in passing) about what the characters do/act/common sayings would make this even more enjoyable. cheers
10/25/2004 c1 Magenta Luna
8/21/2004 c29 Atlantian Dragoness
*jaw drops*
i seriusly cried after reading this.This is a beatiful story.Please keep writing stories.They are really amazing.
*in tears.a little*
8/12/2004 c28 31Whatever-I-Say
*cries* That was a sad story...but I still liked it. Good job.
7/23/2004 c1 odetoparamore
Good Job!
7/21/2004 c28 2Fractured Simplicity
OMG! thats THE saddest thing i have read! i was close to tears... gosh, i wish i knew a guy like william (minus the sucidal things) he really a nice guy! that song 'molly smiles' isnt that a beatle's song? u now that movie 'uptown girls'? well they mentioned that song there... gosh, its so sad that missunderstanding like that can lead to... maybe a epilogue would be good? to wrap up loose endings?
~Fractured Simplicity~
7/18/2004 c29 1x0x-Still-Alive-x0x
*sob* That was beautiful! Oh come on...please make an alternate ending *bursts into tears again* Wonderful story! *runs off crying* lol that was a great story!
7/14/2004 c29 ItalianQT
You did a good job writing the story...But the ending sucked! I know life isn't perfect but their lives were really messed up...
7/14/2004 c10 ItalianQT
Enjoying your story so far...but i have found in error In the 1st chapter you saif her father died of lung cancer and now u said her parents kicked her out... U might want to change the 1st chapter so it's maybe her grandfather that died of lung cancer.. ok on with the story!
7/7/2004 c2 3sassw14
sounds cool...i love goth guys...
6/30/2004 c29 16Broken Spiral
At first I thought this story had one of those plots that were too overtrodden to be original, but I gave it a try. After I read the A/N first (hehe I'm like that) I was mostly intrigued. ;-; You meanie! You made me get out my Kleenex! I look ugly when I cry...lol... *sob* I loved this story. I hate those mushy romances, but this one had angst as well (a big plus; it sorta added to the romance). The ending fit the story, but it was a teensy bit early. Maybe you could of dragged it longer? No, don't mind me. I fell in love with Will, so I think my rant here might be a bit biased. xD Write this down for the record books. You wrote the...3rd story on fictionpress that I have cried over. And I read. A LOT. *presents award for making me a) start the waterworks b) writing so well c) getting into my fave's list* Thumbs up, Misao!
6/24/2004 c28 Hearts
Good job!
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