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11/27/2012 c6 Iceleaf
I shall have to tell my sister about God being like Ayame. That is rather amusing.
11/26/2012 c1 Iceleaf
Did you know that if you take the bible literally then the Devil was an archangel who went on strike because he didn't like the way things were run?
7/14/2007 c5 o0Miss Sweet0o
Dude. I keep picturing God as the mad hatter, only sexier, and in white. Make it stop. LOL
5/22/2006 c1 3Calumongal
Hehe..this is funny so far!
4/20/2006 c10 6Mali Steelwing
I love it, Chibi-chan! iloveitiloveitiloveit! more please.
11/10/2005 c10 cedroth
10/18/2005 c1 3DaughterofVlad
okay so I just checked out your fav stories list now you have to read dinner with Satan! its under my favs I swear you will love it!
10/17/2005 c10 DaughterofVlad
Oh my god *laughs* so any way I LOVE YOUR STORY! It is so funny! I was in the middle of readign it and laughing like a dude on crack. it is so funny! My friend ali wrote a story like this kinda. Its aboput how me her and all our freinds go to hell for a vacation, anmd she just dicided cause I told her not to, to make Satan chase me and ask me for my hand in marriage. And a bunch of other demons come in and stuff. its really funny!
3/6/2005 c1 2kathrynsrain
i really like this story. please keep updating.
1/5/2005 c10 5CaliKitten
OO love the story! Now I can see why I was pestered into reading it for the past couple months.Please write more soon, god sounds sexy, I want one!

12/28/2004 c10 sam teehee
O0O0O0OO00O0O, looks like Lucifer's got a crush on someone... ^_^ muahahahahahaha, very cute. especially the flirtatious behavior, and we can't forget Kami's infamous line, "And never once in his entire existence has he ever eaten any one… That way…" buwahahahah. oh, and i think i shall have to put this one somewhere where people can read it. out of context. and i will laugh at their confusedness. "Alright fine! When God’s voicing for the character of SATAN I know I’m out voted."tootles! ::spontaneously combusts::~sam~
10/13/2004 c9 5Kitzophrenic
"... You've been well since I've been gone? Well... Except for the dieing bit..."
-*amused chuckle, followed by the not-so-amused nasal snortage of milk*
God, the reunion was almost too heartfelt to read. Tears of joy and sorrow welled up in my eyes, white doves flew through pearly gates and- Yeah. Okee. Enough insincerity for one day.
"That's not what I'm whating to!"
- *more, less milk-filled, laughter*
Wel, to sum up the feelings regarding this chapter... I just really do hope Louie has a desk job. -Really-.
Anyhoo, a good and terribly funny chapter you've written here, filled with all the sweet, pseudo-hellish goodness a girl could ask for.
@_@... [Um. That's a compliment.]
10/13/2004 c7 Kitzophrenic
Your depiction of the Hell of Original Fiction is just about as twisted and ignorant as mine. Congratulations.
The fun thing about writing on fp is that you remain anonymous, so that no angry Christian Fellowship Troopers can come hunt you down and make you sit through countless Sunday School movies.
Uh. There I go with my perpetual ignorance again. I've got to work on that...
-_-; Good chap, you wacko.
10/13/2004 c6 Kitzophrenic
"I’m surrounded by a bunch of FREAKS!"
I feel so close to Lei-Lei right now... Sorry for the lack of attention. I've read but not reviewed. *bangs head against sledgehammer* I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry! (Oh. This is the author formerly known as 'Kitami Blu,' just in case you wonder why some crazy stranger is grovelling and such). So, yes, my puffiest apologies to you.
"OH GOD! I slam my eyes shut again. God was in bed with me! God was NAKED and in bed with me! Louie’s standing in my room with only a towel on! The Devil’s standing in my room sopping wet, in only a TOWEL, glaring at the extremely unclothed GOD, while I’m sitting on the floor wearing just a BATHROBE!"
Rant-o-licious. My God. (Or Lei-Lei's God, whatevs).
Anyway, a kooky chap as per usual. I'm going to go review the other chapters now as a part of my purgatory. (One that does not involve naked deities... darn it.)
10/4/2004 c10 2Sakura no tenshi
Okay I can't believe how long it took me to review this. Anyway...
Unlimited shopping budget (wide Anime eyes)? Can I have Louie please please please?
Please update soon ne :) Happily waiting.
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