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4/3/2006 c13 9P. Belle
Oh-my-God. I didn't expect that at all. Update soon please, this fic is lovely!
11/22/2003 c13 I Found Myself At 24
Slightly confusing, as it's been a while since I've read this fic...but all i can say for sure is that Amanda think's she's pregnant, which she probably is...am i right?
11/19/2003 c13 Avid Writer
-scream- KYANA+CALEB=BIOTCHES. YES. Please update, NOW. ;D
11/17/2003 c13 2peppermint-kiss
wow!kyana and caleb are such asses.i KNEW IT!i knew it i knew it i knew it!i KNEW IT!so horrid.poor keira!

and amanda is pregnanT!with shane's kid.ruh-roh!k sorry, pretending to b scooby doo.lol.

and in the first part of the story,who loves who eh?i love this story!and btw,next time,save ur story as webpg,den u can see the bold and itallics stuff
11/16/2003 c13 jules
i don't get it. so kyana and caleb are going out? that's sick. what about keira? i hope kyana and caleb go to hell
11/15/2003 c1 peppermint-kiss
eh, why are you taking AGES to upload?hury! im waiting in anticipation.lol.

and abt the bold/itallics thing, just bold the word or use the itallics thing, and then save it as webpg, den it will come out as bolded/itallics.

andd lifehouse ROCKS! jer doesnt like dem tho'.weird creature.haha
11/4/2003 c12 16luvurflyingmonkey123
oh... I'm guessing this guy will be showing up in later chapters no? Yay, exciting, yes indeedy, Keira definitely needs to find a new guy.

As usual, excellent as always. I can't wait until you update.
11/2/2003 c12 2peppermint-kiss
i know! smth is gonna happen with her and that guy. yay u finally updated! wohoo. i heard u went as spongebob for halloween. that's so cute. lol. its a gd chap, and gd luck for chi. o's!
11/2/2003 c12 HiddenFlame42
Not bothered to sign in, although I'm sure you'll forgive me. Yeah, definitley a filler chapter, although I liked it anyways. *sigh* Date with Orlando Bloom...? *sigh*
10/27/2003 c11 Mahagony
aw, i've cried like that b4...but how did she fail kiera?
10/26/2003 c1 dissiedesi
Hey please up date! I live for reading because it gets me a way from my three older borthers who think I need to play tackle football with them. So I really a preashate it. It's an exllent story and tust me my stories my be good but I still wont read for obivs reasons such as no story line and not good story line. i still read stories with bad spelling because you can't really blame them because just like me may be really smart but suck at spelling so p-lease up date.
10/20/2003 c11 16luvurflyingmonkey123
you've done it again!

absolutely stunning. You really portray the "magic" of the evening with Amanda, and the bitterness that Keira is feeling, even if it's portrayed from another person's POV.

Good job!
10/20/2003 c11 2peppermint-kiss
i know! the sister and the guy have smth going on. right? tt's so sad. poor keira. great chap! such a contrast from the prev. one. nice work!
10/19/2003 c11 48Sun Chime
Oh Wow! So far it's absolutely beautiful. I loved it. Please put up the next chapter soon, please? You can't torture me like this?
10/18/2003 c11 5loves him
Luv the poem and confusing about Kyana and stuff but I guess you want to keep it a secret and stuff so I LUV IT!
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