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for My Cry

2/9/2006 c1 inactiveaccountz
Nice rhyming. Reminded me a little of Plath.
11/9/2003 c1 114The Cheshire Kitten
That's so sad. The rhythmicity of the was so fast, and paradoxically, that kind of added to the melancholy of the poem. From another depressed person's point of view, I can relate and it's a great poem!
10/12/2003 c1 25suicidel angel
can relate to this, nicely written, the repetition made an effective point.
9/24/2003 c1 24Ciara Estai

*glomps* EM! Don't die on me! I love you!

This was good though!
9/22/2003 c1 C. K. Holmes
::jaw hits floor::
9/20/2003 c1 6SMAC
I really liked this poem, its really well writtena dn it very deep. This poem is going to my favorites. Keep writing.

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