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for Broken Promises, Shattered Dreams

8/19/2012 c1 AnonymousReads
I love the names serenity and jordan. :)
8/19/2012 c18 AnonymousReads
I wouldnt change a thing apbout this book except maybe adding an epilogue or a sequel about sara, or nick, or loxy. By the way you must really like thename lucas because its in almost all the stories if not all. Great story. :)
7/25/2011 c18 witeaya
like the story.

but i always feel that your endings always lack something. maybe some of ur stories need epilogues.
2/8/2006 c18 Alenor
oh great story, cya later.
1/5/2005 c18 10Lily Thompson
What happened to BEYOND THE DARK? :P Poopy head!
9/2/2004 c18 DancingButterfly
wow that was really good
9/1/2004 c18 Mikagirl
Oh, yay. That story was so cute :)
6/2/2004 c18 TickleMeElmoBBM
wow! tha story was gr8! it was very touching keep up tha good work!
1/8/2004 c18 flying on coffee
I love the ending, its awesome. Im glad it worked out that way! your great your stories are great. and ima shut up and go away now
1/7/2004 c18 6wolf-of-the-dark-night
so what happened to nick? LOL other then that I love it!
1/3/2004 c14 Mahagony
they aren't getting worse, think about it this way...ppl r 2 caught up in the story 2 review after ea chap...like me^_^
1/3/2004 c18 52Will Klemm
a good, happy ending.
1/3/2004 c17 Will Klemm
it's goof o hear that this story is going to come to an end. I prolly would be like Jordan too with the mopeing around the house about a girl. Hell, i do that now!
1/3/2004 c18 10snowtiger13731
I think the ending was a little on the corny side, but it was okay. I'll keep an eye out for your new stories. I'm ending mine soon, as well, so please look out for my new stuff. As for a title for Loxy's story. . . "Open Your Eyes To Love"? I thought of it on a whim, so shoot me. I liked how you tried the adult characters with this story.
1/3/2004 c18 MusicalMooky
Great ending. How sweet. I'm glad that they finally came to their senses. I hope that they will be just as happy as they are right now.
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