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11/18/2013 c13 Guest
GreaT story :-)
will this get updated?
3/24/2006 c12 4MarlaCorbin
O, nice! ^-^ more please
3/18/2006 c11 MarlaCorbin
nice story. I liked a lot. One little suggestion though. ( I loved the beginning btw) just add a bit more detail ( like the stuff you had at the beginning ^-^) other than that, it's really good.
6/8/2004 c10 2Etheral suicide
COOL! update soon please!
3/7/2004 c10 Prof. D
No! Not the cliffie of doom! *falls, but then grins madly* But it was great, and I know what those two are gonna do... muah hahaha...*rubs hands together* Though, this is getting to be really super cool! I can't wait for you to update again my happybutt! Keep it up!
Prof. Delusional
2/15/2004 c9 Etheral suicide
I like the story it is cool!
1/24/2004 c9 26Ever Be
this is pretty damn interesting, can't wait to see more of it!
1/23/2004 c9 Prof. D
ROCK ON HAPPYBUTT! And I *do* love your name very much. ^_~
I think this chapter came out awesome! And I think it was worth the wait! I can't wait for another, and another and another... *continues so forth*
Loved it, loved it! And Xain and Cody were getting frisky...hehehe...I wonder what's gonna happen next! Part of me wants them to get it on, you know that side! The other is scared they're gonna get attacked! O.O NO!
Ack, write more my happybutt! Toodles until then!
Prof. Delusional
1/13/2004 c8 Prof. D
O_O Damn computer...
I'm so happy you updated! But... ack! We still need more! Poor Cody is freaked out bigtime, and Xain. Yeah, I'm assuming he's just a tad confused?
And yeah, how the HELL did he not attack! If I think I know what is going on. And this lady is gonna follow? DUN DUN DUN!
Ah, I can't wait for another chapter! Great job and here is a cookie! *hands over* And next time that computer freaks out... *raises fist* I'll fix it. He he he... I'll be waiting for more!
Prof. Delusional
12/15/2003 c6 3Blackhearted
12/5/2003 c6 Prof. D
You know, I don't think the world will EVER get an answer to the lolipop question... anyway...
NO! Don't stop! Oh, it was so good! I can't wait for more! I mean, I hope you know what's gonna happen... cause I don't know how long I'm going to be able to keep my cool.
And Adam... KILL HIM! No, no, let me! Heh, there always has to be the fucker who's being a ... *thinks* butthead. Yes, a butthead. But it makes it all wonderfully angsty, which is a complete thumbs up from me! *hugs* Wonderful work! Keep it up.
Prof. Delusional
12/5/2003 c6 3Dae Winter
*blinks* you cant leave it there! *pouts* NOT FAIR!
But what IS Xian? Hehe, i think i know, but even after this change, is he a danger to poor Cody?
You HAVE to update soon! If you wanna see more Scarred Angels that is...
Great work though sweetie!
11/30/2003 c5 1Lardlax
cool- and where's the rest?
11/21/2003 c5 Prof. D
WOW! That was a wonderful story! My friend Gay Witch told me to saunter off and read this, man I'm glad I did!

*fans herself* Yay! Xain is so cool! I LOVED his panic attack! That was the most adorable thing ever! And Claire is so nice. Helping him pick out clothes and reminding him to breath. Aw, that's what friends are for! *grins*

Cody rocks too! The discription was excellent, then he walked over and asked him to the movies! *shocked* I was giggling like an idiot! *cheers!*

Besides the two of them being completely AWESOME, this is very mysterious. Dun...dun...dun... I mean, all these werewolves, now this lady. *panics* Don't hurt Xain! He's too cool! Wait... he's like the main character... ANYWAY! Grindle is rather interesting.

The entire scene skip to what's going on in the background is GREAT! Wonderful, wonderful! And I just have to add that the opening to this story was very neat. So in the end, you had me bouncing in my chair, trying not to make myself skip lines just to see what was happening next!

Good luck with the next chapter, and I'm looking forward to it! *bows* You're very talented.

Prof. Delusional
11/21/2003 c5 3Dae Winter
^_^ And the plot thickens! So whats going on with Xian? Just WHO is he? Or should the question be...WHAT is he? hehehe

i think that woman should help him. Nothing like betrayal to mess up a character psychologically! hehe, im so evil!

Thankies for the fast update! Update again soon!



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