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11/19/2003 c4 3Dae Winter
OH! Nice gay lovey kinkiness! ^_^

I SO cant wait to read more! And whats with the biting? Why is he a double abomination? who what where when how *faints from questions*

PLEASE update soon! DONT wait until next year or something! Or i will do TERRIBLE things to you! ^_^

Keep it up!



11/6/2003 c3 23comtesssorelli
I certainly enjoyed it. It was interesting how Xain wakes from the dream, but latter elements of it haunt his reality. Now I will suffer through terrible agony until the suspence in Chapter 2 is lifted by the next installment. By the way, I loved the words you chose. Very well written. Can't wait for more!
10/2/2003 c3 xdemolitionxloversx
good story! i can't wait to see what happens. ok. to me, Xain is kinda like a girl in a dudes body (don't ask) and Cody scares me...hes a man whore :-P well...update! okInawa baby
9/30/2003 c1 The Dark Swordsman
What's up man? I like the title for your story. I have two stories on here, Obsidian and Shades of Gray. Please read and review. Also, I have a story on the site that I wrote with the author of Alpha and Omega, Azarius. It's called Glorified. Please check it out as well.
9/29/2003 c3 Purged Account
*gulps* Well, you asked me to read and review this so here I go. Dont hate me if I say anything that seems mean, Im just trying to help in any way possible.

First of all it's an interesting premise. The characters are all good. Everything is fine overall. Just the little stuff that needs tweaking.

Try to break your paragraphs up more. Give spaces between them, and dialogue and such. It makes it far easier on the eyes or it becomes confusing.

Spelling/grammar seems fine, just a couple of teeny-tiny things that are unimportant.

I think that both action and the romance have to be handled equally. Try to give it heart, that always works. Something for people to identify with. Fast updates (grins) are always good. Chapters should have something pivotal in them, unless they are designed as a filler. And now Im rambling. Sorry. Im probably no help at all.

I think you're doing fine. Basically there isnt anything wrong at all. My advice is more for future chapters.

So keep on going and try to have fun with it. And thanx for reading/reviewing my fics.

And one last thing -stop calling my boyfriend sexy. lol
9/29/2003 c1 Robert Cox
Excellent use of vernacular speech, combined with riveting plot.
9/26/2003 c3 claire
Ehy gaybee.

its claire ...again. i *heart* every minute of ur stories. write more and more and more! i hope it gets steamy...i like perversion...as u can tell...lmao. i need u to come see me! now! lol

i love u pooh bear

claire bear
9/26/2003 c3 3Dae Winter

Another great chapter! I like your characterisation of Xain!

And you left it in a way that deepens the plot! Me LIKE! And no, its not boring!

Anyway, keep up the great work! you know you're good!


9/25/2003 c3 1Lardlax
Um... Wot did I like... um... All of it? Great! only problem was I was looking forwad to two new chapters so I was a bit dissapointed when there was only one! Good stuff tho... More soon? (That was an ORDER!)
9/24/2003 c1 Claire
I HATE IT! lmao...im joking lover...i love it! I know Claire is me...u know me to well my dear..kinda sad...i feel sorry for you...utterly utterly sorry for you. acctually i just wanted to write a word with the word "utter" in it :D. well its time for out daily dose of monkey sex i love u babe. love the story ...keep writting...or ill hunt u and pummle you and acctually MAKE u have wild monkey sex with me...u sexy sexy beeyotch.

claire...yah...the famous one from ut story..
9/23/2003 c1 3Dae Winter
*nudges* see? i TOLD you it would be fantastic!

*Grins* Excellent work! Now u just gotta keep it up!

Damn...another author thats better than me...oh well..guess i gotta try even harder!

Update soon! The end of that chapter was SO cute!


9/22/2003 c1 1Lardlax
MORE! I NEED MORE! great story but write MORE!
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