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for Edinburgh Festival of Death

11/23/2004 c1 ladyvirgo
Nice story, I like Robbie! Please continue, I want to see more of his victems!
4/3/2004 c1 Isilmerien-Tindomiel
hi. didn't bother to sign in, forgive me. :) anyway, i thought it was rather like a social commentary, innocent and all then it takes a sharp turn into the dark. nice!
10/28/2003 c1 3hamsta-boi
1: i love Edinburgh!

2: i liked this fic because it had Edinburgh in it

3: not to keen on the horror, although i am in truth as i like horror, but it sounds sick if you say you like it.

4: It was nice to read it in first person perspective, although i find narratives are much easier to read.

5: if you feel kind you can click on my name and review my stories

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