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for The Diva Pixie II

8/16/2013 c40 2DiAnna44
awwww I really loved both stories! Thanks for writing books for me! :) Love all your stories! And I finally finished this one! Yaya! Anyways, AMAZING story! :)
11/5/2012 c40 brinalovesyouxx
Absolutely hilarious! Gosh.. I love it. This ine and the first one.. Very very well done, i look forward to reading more of your stories, keep up the awesome work! :D xx
11/2/2011 c40 4F.H.W
This story makes absolutely no sense sometimes and makes me laugh many times. I love this story! Bran and Belle are so totally cute together! I'll miss the drama but awesome story! XD
3/15/2011 c40 Steph Marv1n
I agree with Lilchany, I really want to know who ended up being the bride and if they have kids and if they do WHAT will their names be, and what will Brandon try to name them?
1/1/2011 c40 ebs12
I LOVE your Diva Pixie stories! can't stop laughing through them - my friends probably think I'm insane by now
9/29/2009 c40 2soon2Bme
I loved these stories! I swear it took me like 2 days to finish the first one. Now I know that it has been awhile since you've written this, but is there any possibility for a story about Brandon and Belle's kids?
6/23/2009 c40 darlaslilgirl
another great story, cant wait to read more of you work.
6/25/2008 c40 5christinaxxyo
Truthfully, I liked the first Dive Pixie more because this one seemed like a lot of unneeded drama but the way you wrote it was really good. You babbled a bit when the characters started thinking to themselves but besides that, I really liked reading more about the Nancy Boy Family :)
6/25/2008 c1 christinaxxyo
Yay sequels! :D
4/30/2008 c40 1nvme5
OMG. what a way to end the story! What's voyeur! HILARIOUS!

Completely hilarious ride, it was, reading the Diva Pixie stories!

Thanks for writing sucha wonderful piece!
4/23/2008 c40 10Lilchany
I love your story,its really really good but even if you dont write diva pixie number 3 please at least write an epilogue, i would really like to know what happens after the wedding and if they do really get kids. Btw i think your a great writer so keep up the good work/stories. :)
4/10/2008 c40 3Singing for Absolution
I'm still grinning, but I kind of wonder who got to be the bride, you know? I really (pretend that's bolded) loved these two stories. :) Cheers!
2/15/2008 c17 1Giggles4evr
I don't know who Blair is, but I hate the president of my country. He (Bush) got more electoral votes, but lost the popular vote. I think he shouldn't be in office, but unfortunately I don't have a choice (yet). The story is pretty good, but there are a few gramatical mistakes.
12/19/2007 c1 5YoungInside

He's so adowubble!

Erm.. there's one part in this story.. I have no idea where, sorry..

but where someone says I'm on a role.. it should be I;m on a roll.

But fantastic job, by the way. I'm gonna go ahead and read Hello Kitty soon.

This is really a fun story to read.. i think you handled the drama really well. it managed to seem light hearted and happy although it was dealing with such touchy issues. The emotions were played well but if you ever want to go back to the world of Nancy Boy, I suggest a slight rewrite for the second one. See, the emotions were played out well enough but it the readers can't get really into it. But I really like this anyhow. Great job with it. (:
11/29/2007 c31 2midnightbeauty
Hahaha you live here? Cool :D So, I usually don't review already completed stories...but I had to in this case! I've abosolutely loved this story and the first one :) Great writing :P keep it up!


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