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7/18/2010 c8 Zeltraxmillenium
This is cool.
12/8/2006 c8 11Pacifist Soldier
Wow! I found this while randomly putting numbers in the page navigation. I have to say that I'm glad I found this story. It's well written and has potential not just as a comedy but as a drama as well. I just love the interplay between the characters. Keep up the good work!

Love and Peace,

4/14/2005 c8 6aminim00se
Ack! You've left it hanging again! *smother*You'd better be writing more.

Say, when are you going to put up a new chapter for OSAT?
2/19/2005 c7 aminim00se
Gah! Teh suspense! Makes you wonder about the possibility of a X9284 Alpha. Must draw characters again! Must make cool designs for Sam to put up on her website and be all cool and spiff and stuff!
4/18/2004 c1 scba
This is still great, please update it soon!
2/28/2004 c7 kamui-kun
Aw... splendid chapter. I like the sudden turn of events when Natsue stabbed Sedust instead of Rani. Just shows you that sometimes robots are more human than humans are. And that line, "I have a brain, a real, human brain…remember? It has memories of Rani and all that she has done for me. Like I said, I remember who I am, but I don’t want to. That’s why I’m living with Rani now." - very powerful indeed. I like it.

Hm... and the plot thickens. Wow! I didn't see that coming. Never thought that Natsue and Hatori were probably closer to each other than what it seems. That startling revelation gives more depth to your story, and compells me to follow it further.

Hehehe... I live your little cutscenes of humor in the end. I would have thought that Hatori's scream was kinda funny in Rani's point of view. Anyway, what's this about Moringa and Hatori dating... hm... I sense a tinge of jealousy from Rani. Way to go!

Just my little suggestion. Although the little fight scene at the start was good enough, I think that a little more description of what Rani, Sedust and Natsue felt would have made it much better and much more dramatic. But it's good the way it is. =)

Well, I guess that's it. Try to catch the next update soon!
2/21/2004 c6 kamui-kun
Ah... nice nice nice nice little twist you added to your story. I thought that this was only for laughs and kicks but things started to heat up in the latter part of the chapter. I love the blend of humor and danger in this chapter. Good work!

Ah... so that's the reality behind Natsue. I was startled to find out that she was made to be a girlfriend but I never thought that she was also designed to be a cold assassin. Oh... this Sedust guy is really tricky and underhanded. Using one of Rani's friends to kill his sole competition was very low.

Well... now that Natsue's an assassin and all I'm guessing that there'll be lots of fight scenes in the next chapter. Oh... Rani and Moringa's gonna kick some ass. Kinda cool. I'm excited.

I'll try to catch more when I have the time. Things at school's getting pretty out of control. Anyway, great work and keep it all up. See ya! =)
2/9/2004 c5 kamui-kun
Hi again! Since Of Swords and Things been pretty dormant for a few weeks now I decided to go back and review Mech Files. It's been a while since I did and to tell you the truth, I'm a little bit rusty with the names and all so please forgive me if I jumbled it all up. =)

Hm... I really do feel sorry for Rani. The sudden revelation about her parents and Miss Lians seemed to have taken some toll on her fragile, young mind. It's a good thing that the group was there to cheer her up (even Moringa).

Aw... Hatori's such a caring person. To offer his full support and care during one of Rani's most troubled times - that's gotta earn him lots of points from Rani. And his indepth understanding of what Rani felt at the moment really sets him apart from the other characters in your story. GO HATORI!

Once again, you really have a talent for making others laugh. The glomping and the finger biting scenes were a good break from the turmoil happening in their lives. Good work in balancing scenes. ^_^

Hm... Interesting... we're finally going to know more about Natsue. Hm... I'm eager to see what happens in the next episode.

Overall, great chapter! Sorry that it took me a while to review. Hope to catch up with your story soon! =)
1/18/2004 c7 14Tangerine Tickle
WHAT! HATORI AND MORINGA! NO WAY! You've got a sick mind, Sammy. Sick!
/Anyway/, I just read your profile, so I understand if you can't review my stories right away. Y'know, that's the same thing that happend to me on FanFiction.Net. . .
Keep the updates coming~!
~Tangerine Tickle~
11/12/2003 c6 1Sasuka
This story is on my favourites along with your other. I *like* it. It's very constructive and the characters are played out perfectly.

Update please.
10/5/2003 c4 Pai again
Sorry to tell you this but sticking out your THUMB means someones boyfriend, your PINKY is someones girlfriend... (don't believe me check SHONEN JUMP issue 3.


Pai (and Fred)
10/5/2003 c2 Pai
Can i have Rani and Pb?

Pwease Pwetty Pwease?

oh and I hope you're happy... i'm ready your story and i found this sight from memory thsnk you very much! (:3
10/4/2003 c6 6aminim00se
AH! The suspense!
9/29/2003 c5 scba
This has a great, vivid storyline, and you seem to have the hang of typing what you're thinking.
9/29/2003 c4 kamui-kun
Nice! Nice! This girl, Moringa, is the perfect rival for Rani and Hatori's blooming relationship. Lot's of funny segments (I personally like the whip cream segment).

Also, the sudden twist about Rani's past was unexpected. Good work in the revelation.

Great chapter overall! Good luck with the next chapter! :)

PS. If you have time, can you review my story, Six Stand Society? I would really appreciate reviews for it.
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