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1/8/2019 c21 Nagi
Aww man , i wanted to see the ending on Xanders side of the story
11/16/2018 c3 4KingLobster
I thought i smelled gay shit. Good bye.
11/16/2018 c2 KingLobster
I hope that was just a spelling error, and this book isn't gay
11/16/2018 c1 KingLobster
This is a damn good story, tho it smells faintly of furry fiction, I'll keep reading any way.
11/14/2018 c21 1P4-34-M0
This is a very good story.
Though it started out a little awkward and unpolished, Dayla's growth as a fantastic author can be clearly seen here in all it's glory. The characters development feels real, and while I'd like to keep reading about this intricate cast of hybrids forever, the ending was more then fore-filling. Though, I would really like to know what happened to Xander...

10/10 Would write fan-fiction for this.
6/19/2013 c21 Maggie odonoghue
Brilliant , although I think the ending was a bit abrupt. I would have also liked to have had a bit of the epilogue devoted to Xander and Leah. I know that the last chapter containing them was a bit like that, but I wanted to hear about their kid
6/19/2013 c8 Maggie odonoghue
Very good so far, but why do you use *_* so much?
12/8/2012 c21 Jaguisher
Wow, it's been, what, more than two years since someone's reviewed this story. Just had to say that.
Well, your story is great, and I really loved it. Just thought you'd want to know. ;)
11/16/2010 c21 Knighted-Geek
I've just read this story and it is beautifully written with a great plot!
5/12/2009 c21 mysticdew
OMG I loved the story! (then again maybe I'll stop saying that or it would take up the whole message... I do agree you kinda ended it too quickly... but I love the plot!

THANK YOU for posting!
9/13/2007 c21 3Splack
I really enjoyed this story. You did a great job making your characters unique. I also liked how you used different characters' points of view in different chapters. You did an excellet job making each character's viewpoint sound different. I think I would have liked the story even more if you had done more of that. My favorite chapters are those in which the story is told from Xander's point of view. I really would have liked to read more about what happened to Xander and Leah; that was my favorite part of the story.
9/9/2007 c21 9SapphireIris
You -have- to rewrite this now :) You've got me interested. Some parts don't make sense, yes, and there were a hell of a lot of loose ends (Xander, for example). When you attempt The Great Rewrite, keep that in mind. Hm... I wouldn't be opposed to a sequel. I'll be checking your profile to see what else you've got.

9/5/2007 c21 Kasita Aco
Hey, good story, but there is a serious lack of plot. I like the charecters, their well written, and up to the last chapter it's really good... but in the last chapter it seems like you could have done so much more...like break into the city and expose the whole virus thing. Instead of "let's get into the city...wait...never mind, theres a place where we can live in peace, away from the people who want to sacrifice us and run tests on us. everybody else can be horribly mutated by the people they changed then shunned."
8/26/2007 c21 31Mya von Dor
I'm glad you finished :) Though did you ever go over what happened to Xander in the end? Did he stay in the fishtank forever, or...? Cause the last thing I found going through was him hugging Leah, though I might have missed something cause I haven't read it all in a while... anyway, yes, I'm very glad you decided to write the last chapter :D
4/27/2007 c20 Doveart
Dayla, I just reread this all after...I dunno, a year or 2 or 3, and I have to say it is still excellent, and there is no last chapter, like you said there would be, in 2005. What happened? I am anticipating the conclusion. And I might have more fanart for you soon :) I love drawing weird people critters :) Great Job!
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