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for Spirit Guardians: Revelation of Sandraida's Tome

5/16/2004 c6 14DigiDayDreamer
Another good beginning, Sanderek. Roxy going in to save the Sapphire Peacock’s trainer and fighting the Blood Harpy and all! But whatever happened to Katisuna the fox and why did the peacock indeed run away when she had the power to protect her trainer?

Putting aside these small plot holes, you did well with the transition to Gaia and Kiyara, though you could use less repetition of their names and status together. And it’s funny the way Bay was shedding his feathers. Also, there was good conflict with Samantha and Arcahno against Avivon and his trainer, when Kiyara came along with Bay doing a literally cool attack to save the day, or night. And I wonder what Seventh Samantha and Sevet (they all started with S!) were talking about.

And where the angelic woman who stooped the harpy and saved Roxy come from? You totally left me on a cliffhanger. Well, I’ll find out in the next chapter!

Spell ya later!
4/29/2004 c12 Jeweled Knife
Okay! I have finally reviewed! WOOSH.
Um anyway...hehe. Okay, i want to read more! (I guess the teaser did it's job!) All the action! it looks really exciting, and i really hope that more people review and the people who should review do soon, because I also don't want to wait until the book comes out! But i will, OF COURSE, buy it! I can't wait actually, especially since your chapters are well developed. So the books should be excelent.
Hm, why is everyone lost now? Poor Bay, they still havn't found him? Argh and so has Mistress Gaia...and Kiyara and Kris are lost together too! Well at they have eachother to rely on. Poor Fin, now he has to find everyone!
All the other characters seem to be having problems of their own too! So many things going on o.o They all are pretty brave...
eep! I hope you post some more...but if you don't, can you at least say wehn you're finished it, or when you think the book may be published? Even the slightest estimation? ^^; Thanks!
Upgrade...UNL? If this counts as a review that is! Please? Thank-you!
4/28/2004 c12 TygirSky
Okay, im reviewing! i really hope everyone else reviews too, because i don't want to have to wait forever to read it when it comes out. (i will buy it when it comes out tho)
Good luck with writing it up!
4/19/2004 c12 1Draliane
You're so evil! Giving only teasers of what's to happen. The scences are so intense, but I guess I'll have to just wait. I kind of guess the situations they probably landed in again. But who knows maybe I'm right. Oh well, see ya!
Upgrade Magic
2/1/2004 c2 Eliaseth
wow what can i say...I FINALLY READ IT! itys really good i will comntinue to review sooner or later.
1/29/2004 c5 14DigiDayDreamer
Hey, Sanderek. For some reason, I couldn't check out the reviews I get on DW2. I'll try to remember what you said.
Anyway, I know it seemed like some of the trainers didn't deserve to get a badge, but it would be really unfair if I didn't give all of them badges because the trainers are essentially the reviewers who made their own characters to join the story and hey, if you want to say that they still don't deserve those badges, just blame it on me, the author who made itsy-bitsy mistakes and makes a plot sag like a hot potato.
Okay, this chapter was really invigorating. Is Catch a Mulbusse, because his description somewhat matches to Gorga and Tazzu. And the way you turned Tazzu into Luke's trainer, it was original! I would have never thought of that. And the scene in Quellynthius Square was rather a bit confusing. First, there's that Sevet guy and the sprite Samantha who picked on Fin and then Kris and Avivon come along and apparently tried to steal from the sprite Fin. Anyway, I understand now and am looking forward to that battle.
But the beginning didn't really arouse me with much interest. This snobbish Ensal doesn't seem like the type to command an important position and I really can't see him petting a dove when it should have flown away from him. But I know you revised all your chapters already, so there's no need to criticize with construction.
Anyway, I hope you weren't disappointed reading my story.
Until then. . .
Spell ya later!
1/29/2004 c10 Noble Punk
This chapter has the best tempo of them all. I think you writing has improved ;). The way you described the Cave at the beginning was amazing (great). this chapter will definately help me distinguish between cat and Kat now hehe. I was eager to figure out the puzzle with them too. Good job sand
1/25/2004 c4 DigiDayDreamer
I noticed a trend here: every chapter so far seems to start off with a long paragraph of narration. Not being critical, just pointing out an interesting tidbit.
Anyway, I liked the new characters, especially Kitoki. I recently have been obsessed with dragons, but I was confused: Did he have two or four legs?
And Katrina and Catherine were on the same boat? That's really confusing. And what Katrina and Kitoki talking about? Beasts on the boat? Some sort of accident that caused the whole ship to sink? Regardless of the possiblilities, I'm sure you make this clear in the future chapters.
And Luke, hanging by the cliff. What a literal cliffhanger you made. But of course, any story with a character hanging by a cliff always forces the circumstance to save the character rather than to kill it off as originally intended. ^_^
And the Geolem was a very good enemy, though I don't see how Luna could have defeated it so easily.
Some constructive criticism: There's no need to repeat the character's description, like Kitoki, the dragon,and the Enta-Kashman, Resharel. And when you described the black figure that attacked the Geolem, you don't have to describe it so that readers know it's Luna, leave it as the black blur and let the other descriptions and characters show that it's Luna.
Otherwise, everything's good. I'll have to read more to kill this suspense.
Spell ya later!
1/24/2004 c3 DigiDayDreamer
I read Chapter 2.
I enjoyed it. ^_^ Well, everything seems to be in order, but the first paragraph was a bit over-descriptive. Too many unnecessary adjectives. But we all mistakes like you said.
But the rest was every bit good. Kiyara and Bayanno were quite interesting believable characters. And you were right. Cassi does seem like Morgan, but the creator of Morgan gave me characteristics like hyper and sometimes serious, so don't be surprised if she seems out of character. Epic sounds like a cute mermaid/fairy. ^_^
Then there's Catch and Finny. For some reason, they remind me of Vahn and Magmax. (you'll get to know them later in DW2). One is the mature trainer while the other is a childish guardian. Maybe cliche but still a good twist to it.
Katrina Andrews? You mean Catherine or Cat? And that old gray bearded man, how did he know? Well, I won't know any more unless I progress!
Until then...
Spell ya later!
1/23/2004 c2 DigiDayDreamer
Hey, Sanderek! Once again, thanks for the review on DW2!
Okay, the reviewing part:
Characters: Wow, you really did great with those characters, especially Luke, Catherine, Reed and that 'creature'. And the humans or whatever you call them are actually capable of fighting for themselves, instead of depending on their guardians. Or maybe I've mistaken Luke for a trainer.
And foreshadowing! Luke will get a Spirit Guardian! But Cat is in trouble? Big Brother Luke and his new creature friend to the rescue!
But the creature, um, has a lance and a cannon for arms? Where are the opposable thumbs when he needs them? *chuckles*
Description: They're not bad either. There are enough to fill you in about the story, yet still keep up the pace. My only gripe is the long paragraph; it would have been better if it was divided into more parts. Otherwise everything's good and going!
Well, only ten more chapters to go!
Spell ya later!
1/22/2004 c11 TygirSky
i'm not sure if i said this already, but you can use Kris Monta and Avivon in your story, but don't forget to mention me ^_^
1/21/2004 c11 Galea
I'm glad you wrote about what happened to Katrina and Cat in this chapter...Cliffhangers are ebil and no fun whatsoever.
Those Servant Orbs are really cool! Does it do laundry? Because, if it does, I have to get me one of those...One that does homrwork too! :D
Hmm, why did Katrina use a different name? Is that why she and Kito were arguing? Are you planning on answering these questions in the future? LOL.
You are going to get published! Wow! That is very cool. By all means, use my characters! I can't wait to see it on the shelves!
Please upgrade resistence! :)
1/18/2004 c7 Oz Shadowskin DrunkenMonkeyKing
Oh crap! I haven't read this in a long time! So sorry! Belle's update reminded me of this, and I saw that you've updated quite a bit. Well, I'll try and leave a review as soon as I am able, but I've been busy lately, so sorry about that.
Anyways, looking forward to the next couple of chapters!
1/13/2004 c1 Alaurei
Oh Wow, I'd love to sign up but I bet it is too late. Aw. If there is still time, I bet you know about Adorell from S.G. so I give you permission to use him if you'd like. And if there is a "good" or "bad" side, either is fine. If you need anymore info, I'm always around. ~_^
This sounds very interesting, I can't wait to start reading it. Thanks for the reviews.
-Nickel City
"To infinity, and beyond!"
1/10/2004 c11 1Draliane
Of course you can use my characters, since this story is quite good! This chapter really rocks, Cat and Katrina showed them, ha! They're pure, maybe next time a stranger comes to the village the people would actually give them a chance. Their exit from the trail was spectacular. Katrina actually is a princess, amazing! The Golden Mask, wonder what that could actually have to do with the shipwreck if there is any powers it has. Well, that was a long and interesting chappie.
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