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for A Confession

11/15/2003 c1 3Phat Models
Your story shucked worse then 16 0 vaccums!
10/31/2003 c1 12Sky Queen
Very cute! I think we've all felt like that at times! I like the way you put your feelings into words so nicely, as love is often not an easy topic to write on. You're a talented author, keep up the great work! Also, if possible, could you please review my poems/stories sometime?

Sky Queen
9/26/2003 c1 Guest
yeah i know how u feel thats exactly how i feel about a crush i have right now but some things are a little differnt. since its not a story, good confession.
9/26/2003 c1 nedi
lol. your confession was great!

way back when i was in middle school i'd always get crushes, but i'd NEVer get the nerve to talk to these guys. i'd get over them after a while, but... then i'd feel stupid for liking them in the first place.

good luck with whoever you like! =)

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