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for Erin's Mystery

2/6/2004 c3 Tay
Thats great gurl, keep it up I want it finished LOL !
10/6/2003 c3 24echoes of chaos
i really like the way the story is flashing back and forth and you're seeing the way she got killed. just one question though - if tyler and erin are in their twenties, why still living with the mom? irrelevant, just a question that passed through my head
10/6/2003 c2 echoes of chaos
this sounds very interesting...but now im kind of confused.
10/4/2003 c3 9Radtastic Sharpie
aw this guy has some real problems don't he? good job
9/27/2003 c2 Radtastic Sharpie
Hey Great job slighty confusing in some parts but i like'd it but like i said it's a little confusing in some parts but I'm sure as the story goes along it won't be. Kept writting more to it, you know i'll read it all. As for a guys name... Shawn:P!

-Meleodince Cathrel

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